Fredrick Alsson spoke about the key aspects of the upcoming Horror Amnesia: The Bunker

Creative Director of Fredrick Alsson Fredrick Alsson revealed several important points that you need to know before going to the adventures of Horror Amnesia: The Bunker. First of all, it was noted that the new part should not wait for any help. That is, we have to independently explore the bunker and try to understand what to do next in order to advance in the passage. Apparently, you should not wait for some tips, because "This is a very difficult game".

The game has immersive elements in the game, so players should not be afraid of experiments with objects, because the ideas that have arisen for any actions can be more than useful. However, do not forget that all resources have the ability to exhaust, so you need to find a certain balance in order not to be left without vital things in the inventory.

Fredrick also noted that in Amnesia: The Bunker we can choose one of the three complexity modes:

  • Light – there are enough fuels for a longer time, generators work longer, and the monster itself is not as aggressive as the developers conceived
  • The usual is a balanced complexity mode, where you are still not so difficult, but difficulties already arise. Fredrick immediately warned that in ordinary difficulty players should prepare for the fact that periodically their character will die.
  • Complex is a mode that reveals the game as its authors planned. On this complexity, you need to be on the alert, constantly experiment with resources, but do not forget that there are few of them critically. Nevertheless, the creative director noted that it is still better to start with the usual regime.

Among other things, Fredrick Olsson said that some time after Amnesia: The Bunker will receive an update that will make two completely new game modes into the game, one of which is user, with the ability to configure everything as you like. Regarding reiglable, the new part of Amnesia offers a wide variety of situations that can arise due to nonlinearity of the actions of the monster. That is, he is not attached to a certain list of actions or script, but rather reacts precisely to the actions of the player.