Todd Howard would like us to play Starfield for years, but even some superfans of Bethesda, she managed to get bored

Long before the release of Starfield, the new Bethesda game, its head Todd Howard said that one of the goals of this role -playing masterpiece with the open world is to become a game in which players will be able "Play for many years". However, according to GameSradar, after six weeks after the release of Starfield, some players found that there was no one in the game "Sustainable vitality", which was mentioned earlier.

And even some ardent adherents of Bethesda are becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy the game, not to mention playing it for many years. On the contrary, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from the same Bethesda can give people completely different sensations.

A recent message on the Reddit forum Carefulmode user attracted the attention of many players and gained almost 10,000 in one day "Likes".

In the post, the author approximately described his sensations from Starfield, noting that after he played 50 hours, he came to the conclusion that she did not suit him:

Starfield lacks those qualities that Bethesda games usually possess, and the planets in it constantly cause a feeling in people "repeatability", At the same time, most of the game time you just have to contemplate an empty interstellar space.

In general, some fans hoped that Starfield would become the next The Elder Scrolls V, their new exciting adventure, but this turned out to be far from so.

In count "Likes" It is clearly noticeable that many players also noted that they faced similar situations and experienced difficulties with adaptation to Starfield. Among the problems, numerous loading screens, procedurally created duplicated content, lack of an interesting gameplay, and t were named.D.

And some of the players even stated that after 80 hours of playing Starfield, they returned to Tes V and can still enjoy it. Manually created plots in TES V are much more interesting than "copied and inserted" Content in Starfield.

He played for more than 5 days, passed the crimson fleet, a chain of tasks with terromorphs, pumped up to 50 levels, pumped skills associated with weapons and charisma to maximum, improved his weapon and suddenly discovered that he no longer wanted to go into the game, although the plot was full and still full of the plot and side chains of tasks. Tired to the limit too long and empty dialogs and constant loading screens, tired of empty planets.

All the same 1B1

Similarly. He played for two weeks, passed sidy, passed the plot, then in two hours NG+passed, and realized that he pulled everything out of the game. There is no desire to explore, there is no desire to build, and the final chord depreciates everything in general. The feeling as if letting these dozens of hours into the void.

When I started NG+, and lost everything except the level, including a steep sophisticated ship, over which a decent time was sitting, I felt only irritation. After all, even Grind loses its meaning. In the next NG, you will not take anything with you at all, not a ship, nor outposts, nor weapons.

Ng+ it seemed to move to another universe, and so to be honest

Well, in such games, only from the hacks of the residents to play, grin alone, this is such a thing, distant

You haven’t understood the game yet open . You ng8+ tried? Try Todd not advise bad

Superfan is = superimbucil? But even she was tired of it.
Hm. Whereas they call some PSshniks, which are still with foam at the mouth (brown, naturally) still protect this division and try to rush at all those who disagree.

These are inadequate!That’s how!

Some fans hoped that Starfield would become the next The Elder Scrolls V, their new exciting adventure, but this was far from the case.

Because it is by no means Not Typical gazebo game, how to mutter on the forums crazy Toddovsky bots. And she completely does not look like a fall or scroll.

I started the scroll with Oblivion, which at the time of exit for me was just a dump of the head. Huge world, go wherever you want, do what you want, if you want. Fighting, quests, guilds, research – all this caused almost children’s delight. The gazebo managed to immerse me in her fantasy world, from which I just did not want to leave.

Skyrim was almost the same Oblivion, but significantly improved in terms of studying the gaming world. Yes, the cut opportunities were striking, but the main thing is the adventure, the study of an interesting game world not only remained, but also reached a new level. Now every cave, every dungeon was interesting and unique in his own way, and everyone kept in himself some kind of secret that I wanted to explore.

And what is Starfield. It seems like the world is, but it is empty. There are locations, but they are not interesting. There are quests, but they bring almost everything in the format, go, go ubay. There are enemies, but these are the same astronauts and beetles. There is shooting, but it is wildly stuffy. There are fights in space, but they are extremely Arkadna, even in the old Battlfront of 2005 they were more interesting. What are the advantages of Starfield over the scrolls? Well, you can make a boat, build an advance. That’s just the fuck?

I started with Mordorovind and I can say that it was a very cut Morra, only with an improved count and simulation of the routine NPS (by the way, even the simulation of the Rutin NPS they removed in the field😄).

A simple example from my last passage of Morra. I climbed into the house of some slave trader, I saw Daedric Holds on him on a shelf! And he is so that you can’t get it, everything is fading, a bastard. I ran, stole a couple of potions of invisibility, after 15-20 restarts was able to push them. It turned out that they strongly do not add to me stats, because I still do not know how to use heavy armor so good. I had to swing. And in the increase, they occupy half of my Nuban inventory😂 I had to swing. 🖤
But I proudly wore them the rest of the game (and, by the way, you will find hell where else these are these stumps, except to remove from one of the most powerful (and important) Persians in the game. Tormented at first, but wore.
Here is such a ripe, such a thoughtful, but not raping player, the balance was once at the gazebo. Just in case you don’t know why this is a legendary studio.
Even in the field there was no such. There you can take a daddrick from a random bandit in a couple of hours. And in Skyrim, to forge Daedrick himself, pumping a blacksmith on iron daggers -_-.

A note at the end) I wanted to know what kind of story is behind this) at least in Folycha it bribed. And so, in general, all the same dungeons with the same monsters, we will be honest.

Agree. The plot had to be done in the style of the Star Track series, and not in the DOOM style or space shooter from Lucas Art from the 90s. TES is the adventures that you plunge like in an artistic novel, and Starfield is a shooter and continuous criminal showdowns.

Stop carry this nonsense about Starfield. The toy corresponds to the generation, it is at least no worse than what happened this year. Your expectations are your problems, facts say that Starfield is a first -class game experience with a huge world and a story that plunged millions of players around the world.

"He played" Probably ten hours in "plot", I got sick to see the download screens. I spent a couple of tens of hours in the designer of the ship and wiped it on the hell. Not yet playable. I hope for moders, can turn into something playable in five years.

They say the game is revealed after 1200 hours, a weakling (

I was enough for five to seven hours. The loads were not particularly tired, since the computer is powerful, but the universe does not catch. Dumb dialogs, miserable interface, flat characters. Lord, they even managed to put some strange men in the flea costumes instead of half-naked girls.

I play Skyrim and F4 now, and the Starfield of the week I abandoned for two weeks, the game does not have the magic of the study that was in past games of the gazebo, and I do not think that mods will correct something

There are research, but they.. No.

(I’m sorry, I compare with the elite again)
there is all the procedural, for crop -honeymoon exceptions.
there is no intelligible plot.
sandbox, and very kutsai (even instead of a base – a fleet -bearer).
Compared to Starfield – finally about anything.
but she. Ogroooom 0-0
There is good to autize!
And here you can’t even fly on space – for there is no it. and ship control – well, nomanski arcade (with all respect)
Sorry for the stream of consciousness!

They wanted as usual, but it turned out as always.

They wanted to make Skyrim in space, but it didn’t even turn out in space, but not even Skyrim

Let him sit for years in this g.outside)

To the sense of so many empty planets. In Folych and Tesa, the point of interest is relatively nearby, so exploring the world is great, it captures. Here – stomp for ten minutes on foot to incomprehensible what will turn out to be a crater with minerals, and then stomp back to the ship (well, then you can like a teleporter) or to the next point (another ten minutes). At least the car was added or something.

In Folych and Tesh at these points, at least sometimes there is something interesting. And yes, if you see something similar to something interesting, then there is 99% something interesting. At least in the form of notes. At least in the form of something. There is nothing but mobs and identical buildings.

Here the people are rebellious.

Now you need to also buy UBASOFT and electronics and there will be a complete flash piano from pools.

Since when are planet pictures are considered a cosmos? Even in NMS, you can fly to every planet, and the game was released in 2016. Starfield is a shame for the gazebo, with such capabilities and finances to create a game that is late for 7 years if not more and they consider it a non -genome, they were developing there in a coma?

Agree. It seems that Starfield is a bad NMS clone. There are planets? There are advances? You can build your own outpostics? The boat can be upgraded? So that!

What does NMS and RPG Starfield have to do with it? In the mass effect, one could reach the planet and sit on it? And in which? Or to Auther Wordles? Or in any other RPG in this setting? That you got to the bottom of these planets, what kind of nerds you need to fly to the planet in the RPG?

In this regard, Starfield took the best in the genre, and it is good that they did not begin to gain any garbage. You can customize your ship, its interiors, and it is done cool. Wander around your ship, which he made himself, chat with his partners who mistaken there – the tube gameplay from the masses of the effect reminded of the effects.

Now just imagine if in the same mass the effect it was necessary for each planet to pedal for 40 minutes, after which another 20 minutes sit in manual mode. This RPG would not have nine and dozens of ratings, but units.

You need to sit on the planet – play some kind of cosmosim type elite. Where you can’t even collect your ship as you want, and you can’t walk from your creation from the inside. That’s where the slag is complete. And twenty -minute flights to planets, where nothing happens – this is fun for the nerds.

What are you about? You played in NMS? To fly to the planet is a few seconds, a maximum of a minute if the planet is far away, landing anywhere on the planet by pressing one button if the surface allows. Players build entire cities and factories on their ships, if only there were enough fantasies, and the game has opportunities. I do not want to argue more about this, bought a game and rejoice, but do not try to feed this game to people who have something to compare with.

Well, glad for fans NMS. By the way, how do you have with the plot? Whether the partners are registered normally? The dialogs with them are not too stuffy? The quest chains are stuck? What is there with their nonlinearity? The character is interesting? Did all these role -playing features attend the release? Just curious.

😂😂😂😂 On the release was, space, survival and incomprehensible goal.

I still deleted it, better in Cyberpunk I will play .

And the most moronic in this game is a complete and absolutely useless construction, which is generally necessary for the sake of a farm of resources that, in addition to selling, there is simply nowhere to put it, you found, well, a very rare resort, and then the question involuntarily arises. I am to me? it would be possible to do for the assembly of ships could be the interest of the search and so the game is a full hat, rotten Toda Howard

Played 5 days and deleted. It just became boring.

played 2 hours and deleted)))

I played from the moment I released and did not delete, but I continue to play from time to time

Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallaut 3 and New Vegas turned out to be not without flaws, they pull with their heads, there is a spirit of adventurism and adventure, but anxious calls went from Fallaut 4, that their further games will be more and more soulless and empty

Tired of 5 hours, deleted

Go to dick Todd Howard . To play the game for years, the soul must be invested in it, not a neural network or how it is ChatGPT there .

How can you play a single game for years, for this you need to release the plot company at least every 3 months, when you know that it will no longer be interesting, once has passed and enough, the games of the wagon not passed.

It is very simple to release all the possible super, a bulper, gig, mega, Goti Edishons every year and reassign it to new boxes and curves.

Counted to the fullest. It is necessary not to stop grinding the game so that the falaut 5 and scrolls 6 are normal, and not the levoen.

Suggest you do nothing? I want to play a normal folaut yet.

They learned the most important lesson – they did not make wretched online. So we are waiting for old people from hundreds of mods. Everything is not as bad as the Haters are trying to draw.

Naturally. Otherwise, chop!? Only now the problem is that he does not want to bother the game!)))

They still completely removed radiant a.I from Oblivion and Skyrim, the characters no longer discuss rumors, the accomplishments of the GG do not communicate with each other, some NPS do not rob other NPS if they are socially irresponsible and poor as in Oblivion

And what to do there? In the current state, this is a pure craft 1 time, which you do not want to pass even after a few years.

It will save only complete shirting, in the style of correction of errors No Man Sky

In 5 years they will release "Special edition")) Sell again.

Yes, in this case, most problems of the game will not be able to fix, there are problems at the engine level for example huge.

For players to play for many years in a row, when taking into account the invariability of the game itself, it was necessary to immediately release a full tool for mods, then, perhaps, a fairly strong fanbase had formed around the game. But not at the expense of the game, but at the expense of mods, of course.

If the same Skyrim and without mods for the first passage was very interesting, then this does not apply to Starfield. And right now, while the tools are released, during this time everything will forget about him.

Well, the first passage of Starfield is something even more interesting than Skyrim, there is a plot in general hat. Well, yes, to play the gazebos for playing without mods – Moveton, for some reason they themselves dig the game with their transfer of tools.

Maybe he would still like to send us all to hard labor for mines?

Todd Well, you yourself play your hearty fecal … Autist chtol and do not understand who in your right mind you can be interesting to the theme of the spaces with 666 thousand worlds of the same and the prey of ore ? But for money, I and many others will go through ourselves and our principles and still play this in the soul a little more

People, how is the Pasiyansa Spider, as a minecraft? Also infuriated? Oh, these games that are not made and do not correspond to you)

Better Morrovind

I didn’t start the game, this is true, but I watched a couple of reviews and the passage of the first three to four hours of playing from a flying. You do not need to have seven spans in the forehead to determine the skew towards a large number of fresh dialogs with non -charismatic NPCs, a protracted collection of resources, primitive behavior of AI, monotonous and very meager space battles. Of the pluses, the presence of a physical model, the design of interiors and their inhabitants, except for the natural persons. Cyberpank is better in everything except physics, but this is 2020, even 2021 taking into account patches, but how was it not ashamed to release this and do it so path. I advise you to revise Starfield Direct in order to cut down on your nose not to be taken on a preliminary husk.

For years play the sulfield of Moscow

I was waiting for foul 4 in space setting, I got it. I liked it: ships editor, some models of weapons and quests, NG+, music. I didn’t like it: the weak main plot (find artifacts, oh, dragonorrhea. uh. That is, star -born! (seriously?)), procedural generation of content, example: on one of the planets you visited, say, an abandoned post of wiretap OK, you find the same on a completely different planet for hundreds of light years, and. He is completely the same, up to the slightest details, objects in the same places, exactly the same notes with exactly the same content, enemies in the same places. Cryo laboratory? If I saw one, then I saw everyone else, only enemies change, there is an ecliptic, there are space, somewhere else the crimson fleet. And such an approach in everything, starting with locations, ending with alien forms of life, model with other textures and the name, the types of models themselves. The lack of ground transport, and no, you will not convince me that in the 24th century humanity can create interstellar ships, engraving, lasers, particle accelerators and robots, but cannot create a banal person controlled by a person, because there is automated transport in the game but he is also a static decoration. There are fuckers, but their models are decoration. Why not make a quest for the SSZ, associated with the first cavalry, at the end of which the player would fight the commander in Meh? People of the future forgot how to create transport? The gazebo justifies this with the difficulty of selling transport. But there is a mod in which the working transport is implemented on the New Vogas engine, it is possible to do why models can, and the developers are not. Well, consult this modemode (ami), use it (their) achievements, mention it (them) in the credits, hire it (them) in the studio, after all. The lack of transport is simply devoid of logic and meaning. The spirit of the study, we want players to investigate on foot. Oh well, nafig, you go, you get 5 minutes to see the next Ctrl+V Content. Bugs – many of them. It makes no sense to describe them, everything is on YouTube. There are funny ones. Agend from all the cracks. It is simply impossible to avoid in any way. All companions are bi. One open homo with a dead husband. At all leading posts – women, president of OK – women, sellers – women, bartenders – women, captain of the ship – an Asian woman, the second person in the crimson fleet – a black lesbian woman, in the cities of the crowds of blacks and Asians, and okay they would be at least they would be decent appearance, but all terrible, Neanderthal appearance, fat men and fluffy blanks, normal people apparently degenerated in the 24th century. The construction of avantosts and decorating houses did not. Loads, they are everywhere, you go around the city, come to the spaceport, go to your ship, open the door – boot, go down the ship, sit down at the pilot’s place, take off – loading, you are in orbit, open the card, lay a course to another planet – loading you fly to the planet, choose a place of landing – loading, landed, get up, get out of the ship – loading, come to the location of the cave, go into the cave – loading. 12 out of 10 at the fingertips, the best boot simulator 2023, but what is there, even 2330 years! Okay, now seriously: I put 6 points out of 10 to the game, because the game entered me before the DLC to KP2077, which means I completed my task, it was interesting to monitor the development of some quests, build ships in the editor.

Here you tell you the quests liked it – call RPG/with the open world game, where they are made worse than here (I decided to try alternatively gifted to bend with another method).

You write about music, but there is not even banal radio, 80% of the game plays 4 ambients of the time F4 (copy from the institute). Almost all of the music in general of one genre, and this is in a 100 hour game, having NG+

A good criterion. Very constructive, critical thinking at the level.

Although I heard that tolls in the style "Bring a man with a smoking Christmas tree" Schoolchildren come in a bang.

Yes, they are objectively as certain, but of high-quality (which are in the number of 10 quests) there is still more. And of course this is not the answer of the author who has good game only because she is his "entertained before the release of the DLC", and he assessed the game based on room temperature or weather outside

Xs, I would say that the quest chains in Starfield will still be more interesting, although also not a fountain. In the Communist Party, only Judy’s quests and liked it, the rest is full garbage. And in Starfield, both the Vanguard Vanguard branch, and the raiders are good quests, and in general, as a whole, there is more meaning and completeness in the quests (the quests usually stupidly endure in the KP, "Awarding" a bunch of coins and zero pleasure).

As for entertainment – well, I don’t know, it seems that the sphere is not about it at all. This unhurried game for those who love to stick, as in folaut 4 with its development of settlements, although this mechanics managed to not work here. But if someone managed to spend a good time in the game – why should he think that the game is bad? It seems that he has the right to his own subjective opinion.

There should be a minimum reasoned assessment system, and not empty "The game is good – % points". This continues to break the evaluative system, and what is such an unreasonable opinion? And let’s not forget what people do with constructive criticism of the same KP, write gogno’s quests or an empty world – they are thrown with minuses, which is why the comment will be lost somewhere, and they will be upstairs "like these ones".

The development of settlements is generally a gameplay in no way related to Loru and character F4. They came up stupidly for the sake of minecraft and winding the watch to the statistics of the game (boast of a brochure "we have 200 hours of gameplay"), because she was in no other way in the postpoke in which the father searches for her son did not burst. But instead of pronouncing it out loud, people began to tumble "Well, it doesn’t bother me, so let it be". And so now in everything, this is an excuse for everything. "Make the throne of Harvey? And you don’t go through his quests" – as if I should know in advance that this is a quest-saucer. I don’t like the game? "Well, don’t play, what you criticize, you don’t like it".