The Last of US Part II gamedector commented on the reaction of fans to the original plot and the new remaster content

After the announcement of The Last of US Part II Remastered, the Entertainment Weekly publication contacted the head of the creative department and the Naughty Dog Co -President (not to mention the scriptwriter and director) Nile Dracmann to get a comment on the disputed plot that caused a violent reaction of the fans. This is what Drakmann said:

The Last of Us Part II exit has become a deep emotional event for all of us in the studio, and we are very proud that we were able to tell in it the story that we wanted. Ultimately, the fans themselves decide what has been withstanding and what has not been a test of time, but over the years that have passed since the release of the game, we do not cease to be surprised at how much love, support and recognition has received a game that means so much for the Naughty Dog. Watch how fans react violently to the plot as more and more people continue to discover it for themselves, and we hope that with The Last of Us Part II Remastered there will be much more, this is a great reminder of that what force can have stories that we tell. The influence that, according to the players, had these games on their lives, continues to inspire us when working on future games.

Drakmann also spoke about some new opportunities that will appear in the remaster. He called the Roguelike No Return mode the new version of the new version of The Last of Us Part II, and then talked about cut levels and directorial comments.

Consider these levels remained on the floor in the locker room. These sequences, such as an expanded scene of a party in Jackson, which gives more information about Ellie’s life in the city, are not intended to just let you play in the early version without context. Each of them built interactive elements that offer comments from the developers from our team about the level of level, about what happened in sequence and, ultimately, why it was cut out.

The Last of US Part II Remastered will be released on January 19, 2024 for the PlayStation 5 and will differ in improved texture resolution, an enlarged LEVEL-OF-DETAIL distance, an improved shadow quality, the frequency of animation sampling, full support for tactile feedback and adaptive triggers.