Baldur’s Gate 3 has a serious mistake with saving on Xbox

Baldur’s Gate 3 is officially available on Xbox for several days after the announcement of Larian Studios at The Game Awards 2023, but it seems that the acquaintance with the best game of the year was far from pleasant for everyone.

Many fans report that they have encountered a serious mistake found only on the consoles of the new generation from Microsoft, which leads to a sudden removal of all conservation files.

Pure XBOX has collected many such messages and tried to shed light on this question: it seems that the error arises after collapse due to the alleged errors associated with the lack of a memory place – even when more than 20 GB is available – or as a result of problems related to quick restart (Quick Resume), which seems to still still not work perfectly. After the re -start of Baldur’s Gate 3, many unfortunate users faced an unpleasant surprise: all their storage files suddenly disappeared without explanation, nullifying many hours of the game.

In other cases, after a failure (which also often happened with this author), an equally strange action was observed: when rebooting Baldur’s Gate 3, he will ask you to accept EULa again and accommodate HDR again, as if you had never played this game. Fortunately, in this case, all preservations will remain untouched, but it is obvious that for the optimal passage of the game on the consoles of the new generation, some mistakes must be corrected.

It is still unclear what exactly this bug is causing, but, according to Pure Xbox, it can be associated with cloud storage: Football Manager and Starfield have also encountered similar problems, although not so large -scale. At the moment, Larian Studios has not yet commented on these strange mistakes, but, knowing their activity in the case of PS5 and PC, it can be assumed that they are already working on correction.

In the meantime, it is strongly recommended that Xbox users be very, very careful and not use Quick Resume. To maximize the risk of strange failures.