Enthusiastic localizers began preparatory work for the machine translation of Starfield

Yesterday it became known that the files in the Starfield press copies will be divorced by English fonts, and due to a huge amount of text, high-quality transfer will cost around 20 million rubles.

But users from the Zone of Games forum quickly found a way to add fonts to the game, and today a programmer and a localizer under the nickname Haoose, who has access to the game press, reported that preparatory work for a machine-playing play from Bethesda began. He also shared some technical details:

  • A technical test was held for the ability to insert the English text into the game, the game sees it, works, does not fly out.
  • There are guys who took up the technical work with the files of the text of subtitles (this is the same 20 million text).
  • There are guys who volunteered to draw beautiful English fonts.

Well, in the meantime, I am already finishing (machine) interface translation. So … at least wait for September 1, along with the release of the game – the translation of the interface with some fonts. And then (maybe in September) the first version of the machine translation of the subtitles themselves will appear.
By the way, if anyone is interested, the TRANSLUMO mentioned in the topic works on the game.

Starfield is released on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC, and Premium Edition owners will be able to start playing on September 1. By the way, the game can be won on our website, and you can find out about how to get more bonuses here.

Well, at least so, respect for not indifferent people who are trying for others

And this is at a time when other, really talented people, managed to make mods without the game itself and are already thinking about the continuation.

The game lost English localization purely for political reasons as in Stalker 2 where they began to speak in the game there is no English and in the merged build there is a game in English all .And here I am sure that at least the text translation was originally but it was removed to smear to the political agenda

That’s interesting, but they forgot about the Ukrainians and other countries from the USSR. They always played English and the rest, but they never do any Ukrainian localizations, they will play in Polish?

Well, at first you can play using OCR Mort, a program for translating real -time games, in principle, dialogs in the game in the same window on the screen, I think there will be no problems with the translation. And the magazine read the norms too.
In the settings of the program, everything is simple.
Yes, such tulas are full on the network.

It is indifferent to them that 300 million native speakers and many use the language as an auxiliary even as I agree with you Ukrainians who often did not give localization at all by Englishs now and there is no

How trolls the riddle solved in the witcher)

So what are they not right? If they took up the translation, they would not most likely use a completely machine translation.

The fact that the translation of 20 Lyams cannot cost, as it cannot take the text of the text for three years.When knowing the language, the war and the world can be translated faster

Voice. Prof.Owner will cost about this amount

So the voice acting with actors. And, with whom the jur is usually in the face to another company, t.e. contracting organization. And here just from the people along the thread on the crowdfunding platform without any tender for the text they wanted to shut 20 cartoons from the bush. Therefore, they got out.)

Funny. According to the info from the Internet, there is ~ 253,000 lines of dialogs or ~ 1,700,000 words. Bureau prof. translators take 350 rubles. per page (250 words/page) or 500 rubles. per page involving a native speaker. Elementary mathematics indicates that professionals will take less than 4 million rubles.

Their business guru thought it over and referred to the absence of English font in the game and the need to modify scripts (in the game for mods)), or something like that.)) Yes, and then, this is the game AAA of the level.. – Others for harmfulness..))

He wrote the cost of translating pure text. For translators. However, you should still not forget the work of proofreaders, programmers, testers, whose work should also be paid. But still it is not 20 cartoons. For this game for 20 cartoons, complete localization will arise.

Sofa analytics, people. You don’t understand what to localize the game at all. Look at the vidos on the yutyub, understand that this is not the same as translating the text from a piece of paper and no longer disgrace.

Funny – this is 350 rubles per page. You are clearly not aware of the speed of the industry and the rates.

Localization of games is not in Kiosk to order a translation of the annotation of the thesis.

When I wrote about the cost of official translations, I relied on very specific pricens that open the offices for the localization of games.

If you have not seen, then I will repeat.

For translation+editing+LQA comes out:

– Ibidem: 184 333 $ // 17 715 636.65 ₽

– Icanlocalize: 230 035 $ // 22 107 905,13 ₽

– Textmaster: from $ 149,948 to 374 872 $ // from 14 411 007.71 ₽ to 36 027 711.48 ₽

– OneHourtranslation: 204 475 $ // 19 651 417.83 ₽

– Exigo: 258 127 $ // 24 807 734.59 ₽

– Inlingo: 255 594 $ // 24 564 296.32 ₽

– LocalizationDirect: 202 766 $ // 19 487 171.48 ₽

Now I will analyze on a specific example of the domestic AllCorrectGames from Samara.

0.$ 07 for a word she takes with a bare translation of the text.

More 0.07 – 0.$ 09 they throw for the editing. In total there will be 0.$ 14.

As a result, for the translation and editing of Starfield, they will have to fall off 238,55.96 $ or 22,926,730.38 rubles. Without testing.

And then – more. Some firms can enter the editing, and someone has testing by the clock.

The same AllCorrectGames take 45-65 bucks per hour of work.

Imagine that for testing a nonlinear huge Erpoge with the open world will take six months of working days-this is 123 days for 8 hours = 984 hours * 55 (the average between 45-65) = 54120 $ = 5 201 294.70 rubles per LQA.

Total, for translation, editing and testing, 28,128,025 rubles and 8 kopecks go out.

And this is the cost of translation from English into English. The cost of translation from English to any European language reaches 0.$ 25 per word (translation+editing+LQA).

If you think that no one addresses them at such prices, then you are deeply mistaken. The office has existed for 15 years and has been serving studios such as Jubisoft, Bandai Namko, Dedalik, Focus, and so on.

Specifically, the focus ordered them LQA atomic Hart for the same $ 55 per hour of testing. And the focus ordered them the localization of Plag Tayl Requiem into several European languages ​​according to the very 25 cents per word.

(I wonder why they did not go to the translation bureau and did not work 0.02 $ per word? Mystery)

The focus is never a major publisher, this is a dense mid -Middle, but he can afford it. Now imagine the scale of Mycrosoft and Betesda.

200 thousand bucks for a text translation of the game by 1.7 million words are nothing for such a game as Starfield. Its sales will cover 20 transfers of 200 thousand bucks each less than a day.

Cool your engine, we still have to go with the extraction of this carbon fiber (͡ ° ͜ʖ °)

P.S. But if they take care and go on key points, then in general terms everything will look good. And to clarify it is not difficult to contact the original if that

Good news, so cool fucking, carbon fiber)

It remains that the machine translation has become a little better since the time of the Sidge.

In theory, is it possible to force some kind of Alice or Chatzipiti to translate such a number of text..

It became much better. Now some transfers from AI do not differ from the translation from some groups.

Respect and respect!

Respect for such people.

One respect in the future will need to be thrown out money.

I am ready to start a stalfield for voice acting!

UBD: Nope, I saw all d*RMOs (Stream Starfield! 😂

GG dumb, what is the meaning?)

Well, opinions will be separated here. I believe that the ru of the text is quite enough, because voice acting will really cost very expensive.

And where does the fact that he is not yours? I wrote some crap.

Our proud “Varangian” does not give up the enemy.

And where is he? If we are talking about cruiser "Varangian", participating in the Russo-Japanese War

Chet Tubligia was invited. Like this person smoked me 10 years ago when Kingdoms of Amalur was translated. In general, a fragile dude

Todd not give money. It is better to throw a couple of hundred to these guys, to beer, so that the translation is funny.

I will say this himself from Ukraine and is very outraged that they cut out English Lock. and text from games, Ukrainian now only because "solidarity" They add, before that, it was generally so that it was pleasant to play games in the language that you understand. Now go learn English. How can I cancel the language of hypocrisy. What world we live in.

Actually, not all games are translated into English, especially Asian. Therefore, even if you know English, many games will still pass you by.

I generally believe that the top studios are required to translate their games without fail to top10 of the most common languages ​​of the planet. Ideally, all top 20 languages. And then there would be no problem.

The publisher, of course, will say it is expensive. But on the other hand, sales will grow at the expense of new countries in which games will come in their native language. Therefore, I do not understand in principle the lack of the main languages ​​of the planet in the top games from top studios.

English deleted due to politics. well, OK! But local languages ​​did not introduce English. Ukrainian almost anywhere in games never appears. There is no Kazakh language in games. The Estonian language was also not added to games, although in Estonia 50% of the population speak freely in English. In fact, not only purely English people, but also a huge number of other nationalities in various countries were affected by the removal of the English language from games. It is unlikely that all these people suddenly run to learn English. Most likely, sales of games in these countries will begin to fall, publishers will see this, and slowly will begin to return the English language to games! Everything will be 100%. I guarantee.

But what about the conversations of that expert from the forum telling that how difficult it is to translate some scripts there, and how allegedly it is difficult? Nonsense?

It depends on the game and the engine. For example, I at one time was engaged in the translation into English of one fashion for Skyrim, and if you translate the names of the scripts there, the mod breaks. Then the truth is the author of the fashion corrected this and they could also be translated.

And why do developers cannot immediately do localization in files like ini or ASS, for example? It is much more convenient to translate them and less hemorrhoids to localizers. When I wrote my own game, I made localization in the text file according to the key system = value, as in INI.

Well, you ask this question, do not ask me.

There is also lunatranslator also translates well from the screen

Some kind of game. AAA class project, flagship project impressions. A project that is found as a revolutionary game of the company New Step in the game segment AAA Games. New Title of the world’s largest game company. And there is no translation into 2 \ 3 languages.. There are only a couple of languages ​​and that’s it.. What?! Disgrace.

I don’t really understand this either … You have been making the game for the next decade – in fact, for several generations of players … Only the war will someday end, and the opinion and memory that the English language has been cut exclusively for political reasons will remain forever.

I doubt. Since this is not the first major game where there is no translation and elementary over time, and quite soon everyone will do not care who and for what reasons that he cut out there. They will just play and enjoy the game

Not the first? And what else were on such a hype? Something is not remembered for this. I only know that full localizations were not always. But, subtitles with a localized interface are almost everywhere. Were.. People perceived it as something ordinary, and here such a bummer.

There was no one on this yet, but I doubt that this is the first so big game. Here it was cut out, and those that may not get in development at all. Of the large, EA, 2K, partially WB completely refused
Although it may be much better, since for the presence of the English language in the game, no one has been boycotted, but the sales will hit

I think they will quickly make and maybe not even them.

The face of this genius presented?

Well this is about manual translation. The machine is clear to make it faster

And what to represent here? Cunning "Guys" They will always find where "Easter". Here the twenty slipped away, it does not matter.) With such ambitions and pricens, they will not remain hungry.

Well, no one will wait for a hand -to -hand translation for several years when there is a machine translation, and not of poor quality

Even manual translation is not 3 years old, especially with an application for 8 hours every day

So depends on the number of employees

There is only one "fatty" Blogger Donatitis 5 cartoons per haircut is catching another. And to scrape money for some kind of team for a text translation, you will not find anyone! Sadly. But there would be a really good PR move. It would be immediately clear who the boss area!)) It would even be possible to arrange a holiday for your ChSV. Something like Empress))

I voiced my thoughts, I thought the same thing when I read about the donates for a haircut, he could pay for the voice acting of GTA 5 or RDR 2 (there are just 5-10 lyama there) and forever go down in history among English-speaking gamers. Apparently letting go of money on nonsense about which everyone will forget everything after six months much more fun.

Strange presentations actually.. Bloggers have completely different interests, and the bar of their ingenuity with imagination in society is very high.

No, just regret that there are no such among the game community. After all, here the chance of personal PR is much larger. To spend in this way the extra 100 cartoons, a person has much more to karma would increase, given the size of the game English -speaking community.

I think they can be, but they are not aware of events. And even if anyone runs up, while they think, to pretend, plan, the enthusiasts will already take it all over. After all, this task is not from the lungs, but certainly not impossible.

This is good. Personally, I think that if there is no game in my native language, then for me it did not come out stupidly. It simply does not exist. Therefore, Todd Howard will not receive a dime from me, but in the end I will still play this game in this very or later, and even with a translation from brothers.

Keep it up, guys, well done!

When I wrote the diploma, I took texts in English and translated translator through Yandex, shobs uniqueness to raise. even he translates very well, not to mention neural networks. I think that the translation will be good. Times of carbon fiber have passed.

You, my friend, have something to learn. They came up well, so then. And yes, the time of a very stupid machine translation has been really passed. But, obviously, the times of people who want superprofits, such as children who have twenty lyam at least for a text translation, have not passed. Yes, for that kind of money it was possible to tighten the showbide and voice the whole thing at least partially.

maybe. I protected perfectly, lol

Sometimes I correspond with foreigners on YouTube. It is interesting that the translation from English into English, Yandex copes better than Google. Through Google, you have to constantly select synonyms, which is strange. After all, Google, this is one of the richest corporations in the world that invests a lot of money in the development of its products.

Yandex also has a full of good projects, for example, the YouTube Auto Transport and T.D

Thank you for there are such intraosals. Patience to you and good luck.

Localization experts in the comments are simply amazing. Machine translation and neural network never people will not replace people when localizing games, you should not even hope for it.

Due to any commercial secrets, the translation is almost always conducted with the minimum amount of context, and this is one of the most important things for the translator. Professionals with many years of experience hardly understand this very context, by grains collecting information from the entire text of the game and periodically asking questions to developers in the hope that they will send if not a screenshot, then at least a description of a particular scene. Therefore, a considerable part of the localizations is lame, and not at all because the translators have fought off.

But if a person at least potentially understand the context and do everything in mind, then the neural network can the best case to guess it. Only now to hope for guessing when translating millions of words is the same as believing in the victory in the casino.

Yeah, they transfer the game without playing it and not knowing the subtext.. "TO" – "quality"..)) Z – "experts")). "Never replace" – Never say "never". How many areas of activity have already sunk out due to technology. Therefore, it is best to play the original. Because people with rates of at least 20 Mills make their job so much. You wanted to advertise these expensive, financially very costly translators, and as a result, also belittled them. It turns out that the neural networks and even ordinary machine translators will translate, if not better, then almost at the level. This is the conclusion from your own commentary.)

I translate games, and the only cases when we manage to play the game before starting work – these are cases when localization is added after the release, which is extremely rare. If the project is translated during development, then there can be no talk of access to the game.

If from my comment you have concluded that the translator is given the worst result than the car, then you did not read my comment. Firstly, such prices are not something sky-high for playing this scale, and the localization of the well-known AAA projects was not much less (if not more), just players do not know about it.

At minimum the remuneration of professional translators, editors and proofreaders will already be released by the amount of millions of 5, and ideally, testers and at least one manager for organizing this work are also needed, because the volume of work is huge. Is it worth mentioning specialized software for translation and servers, which are also worth the money?

As a result, ~ 10 million can easily leave for such a project, and at the same time a team from a dozen people will not swim in money at all, but will at best receive an average salary. And if you increase the team and provide everything necessary for work, plus add at least some margin (in the end the companies strive to earn money, and not just survive), then the notorious amount of 15-20 million no longer seems fantastic. But for some reason the commentators are unknown.

Secondly, I do not exclude at all that some day Machine translation and neural networks will begin to be used everywhere in localization, but perhaps for preliminary preparation of the text, which will still have to be long and painfully edited by living people. If the situation was different, then the developers would have long abandoned the services of localizers and embed a machine translation into their games, but this does not happen precisely because the quality of such a translation is incredibly far from the ideal, and they know it.

If the quality does not care, this is a completely acceptable option,. True, something tells me that after a couple of years of the game with such a translation, people will begin to howl on the moon and pray so that professional localization will return as soon as possible.