The authors of Final Fantasy 16 sought to make the battles of Aikonov as epic as battles with bosses in the first God of War

As Final Fantasy 16 is closer to the start date of June 22, the developer team shares new details about their inspiration sources.

In a recent interview with Push Square, the producer Square Enix, Naoki Yoshida said that the battles between the Aikons, in which the two caused monsters collide with each other in the style of fighting arts, were inspired by the original games of the GOD of War series.

I love these two games, especially God of War. The madness of the battles with the bosses in God of War, when it was a more traditional game in the style of action, is just . The design of the game is so different for each stage, and the boss is so unique, everything is done with power, and you can feel this power. Therefore, although I personally really like the last games of God of War, I turn to the original God of Wars, and especially to the battles of the bosses in them, to the fact that the battle of the bosses are just crazy, each of them has their own design, they are all unique, all They are on top, and, drawing inspiration in this, I create our battles Aikon against Aikon to create the same feeling.

The art director of Final Fantasy XVI Hiroshi Minagawa added:

We really deeply studied the games of God of War, considering all the small aspects and comparing them with what we have to make sure that we have what we have is better than what they have.

This is an interesting analogy. Earlier this year, the game director of Final Fantasy 16 Hiroshi Takai compared the game with the rebooted God of War, although he basically had in mind the separation between the elements of the action and the role -playing game. It seems that the new Final Fantasy can borrow elements from both the original and the new GOD of War series

Final Fantasy 16 comes out on June 22 as an exclusive for PlayStation 5. Most likely, the game will be released for PC, although a lot of time will pass before that.