The Volition Studio Closed Closed Studio Closed

In a message published a few minutes ago on LinkedIn, the Volition studio, known for the Saints Row series, announced its immediate closure.

"The Volition team for 30 years proudly created the entertainment of the world class for fans around the world. We are driven by a passion for our community, and we always worked to deliver joy, surprise and delight", – stated in the statement of the studio.

Last June last year. Embracer Group has announced a restructuring program aimed at strengthening Embracer and maintaining its leading positions in the video game industry. As part of this program, strategic and operating tasks were assessed, and a difficult decision was made to closely close the volition. To help our team, we try to provide assistance in employment and facilitate the transition period for the family members of the Volition. We thank our customers and fans around the world for the love and support that they have provided to us for many years. You will always be in our hearts.

The last game Volition was the failed reboot of the Saints Row, which was probably the reason for the adoption of Embracer Group of such a sad decision. Throughout its history, Volition has worked on the Red Faction and Saints Row series, and also released other games such as Agents of Mayhem, Summoner and The Punisher.

Haters Gonna Hate – once said a studio in response to criticism Saint Row. And predictably did not survive Hayt.

This is what happens when you bet on the opinion of the minority, and not the majority. You can endlessly bend under BLM, SJW, and other nonsense, but it is the most "Classic" People. This time people refused to carry a penny. The result is predictable, although sad, because SR2-SR3 once considered it quite worthy for his time games.

And you "classical" Man (Bolshevik) ?

And you are tolerast LGBETSHK

Maybe in order for you to have your own audience, you need to at least add a little script, colorful characters, sex and reigree? Made a bet on stupid schoolchildren, oh, and stupid schoolchildren do not play it. But how so. It was simply impossible to predict. No. Everything is much easier. They just scored dick. While the games brought at least some profit, the finger on the finger did not hit to make Saints Row at least not much attractive for an adult audience.

Yes. I am the most "classical" – White, heterosexual man. I love boobs, women, tits again, beer. He talked about ass? And I also call blacks "Negro" Not because I want to offend them, but because in my country, blacks are a term, not matters/insult.

The last game Volition was the failed reboot of the Saints Row, which was probably the reason for the adoption of Embracer Group of such a sad decision.

Когда студия начинает делать г@вно – пожалуй и правда пора закрывать. They had good games, but for a very long time.

100 pudovo, this was the wrong people. And these other orientations. Therefore, it is not surprising that it turned out to be.

How not sad – at 8 those same

Ahaha, and the developers are all "Hatymam" answered something in style "Go to ** th, Haters Gona Hate, and we make an excellent game". As a result, they went with their guess

If anyone has not seen, then here:

They after SR4 and so blown away, even though they will not disgrace anymore. Here for Mimimi Games is damn as a shame

it’s true. Another Acid Wizard after the updates to Darkwood retire. They have a simpler partfolio, but the potential was.

They began to blow off on SR3. Three, even if it was successful, but the tendency to simplify and arcade was noticeable. SR4 – the idea of ​​a large DLC to Triklu made "full -fledged" game. Restanating 2022 – just a bunch of waste waste.
The impression is that at one time the footage ran away from the Volition, which moved the studio forward.

And do not say, their tactical games have come in so wildly, played straight at Shadow Tactics, Desperados and as if I am 16 years old and I am chasing my first PC in the first Commandos. And here it is.

I would like to look at the fresh Red Faction, but alas, to see it, I will not see it.

SR4 was not so interesting.. Well, to someone, everyone has different tastes. I only baked with the third)

Embracer first copied Tuyev a bunch of studios, now he does not know what to do with them, this is what you need to pay a salary to everyone, but where to pay if the games are not released, so they can be understood. Volition is not such a legendary studio to regret it, I remind you EA and closed the cooler studios. And then there was a clear failure.

Embracer first copied Tuyev a bunch of studios, now he does not know what to do with them, this is what you need to pay a salary to everyone, but where to pay if the games are not released, so they can be understood. Volition is not such a legendary studio to regret it, I remind you EA and closed the cooler studios. And then there was a clear failure.

Well, so, Volition bought and gave money, gave freedom. They told us to do something in the spirit of GTA and originals. They literally reloaded PR, like a game in the style of Saints Row 2.

And in the end, they released a trash in which one name was from Saints Row and there were no sales. Not even a suitcase from the United States did not save. So, in my opinion, an absolutely justified closure of the studio, if you cannot give out something normal with a large budget and complete freedom, then.

Well, one more "savior" It turned out to be a stuffy. That Phil Spencer, bought studios, thought right now how to give, and he. Like they bought Embracer, but no one is chatting to do it in the soul – they have no plan, just a cunning grin and a fig in his pocket. I thought that Embracer would give a new life Legacy of Kain, yeah, Dali, check.

One difference is that Fila’s money is chew in one place, because Microsoft is a monopolist in the corporate software market, but the Swedes have to.

As already shown by the not very successful experience of Kickstater – uncontrolled freedom for the developer is also dangerous. Chris Taylor will not allow to lie with his old Cityismen.

What other Chris Taylor. )))

A little less than six months have passed since the purchase of rights to Legacy of Kain. You thought they would give you a new game in six months.

Well, closed and closed, those who made cool games in this studio still did not work there anymore

The fact of the matter was that they worked.

Let’s remember. Started for health, finished for repose (judging by the last game – there is a road there).

Well, good, the rights to the series can buy a normal studio and revive the saints, but this is not exactly.

Red fact with destruction more)

Embracer Group is unlikely to sell. But they will return to the series after such a failure is unlikely to be soon.

You’re talking about at all? They closed only the studio, all the rights to the IP from Volution as Embracer had, and remained.

Played out with the agenda, there they are road !

Behind "Saints" led by our hero and Johnny Get, of course, thank you, well, for Red Faction Guerrilla, as well as for mega brutal punisher.

The punisher of the gun was of course

After last year’s division, saturated with modern Western values, it is quite expected.

After the shameful restart of Saints Row, the closing of the VOLITION was a matter of time.

Minus patch on Saints Row 2

Patch developer died in 2021.

Yes, but they still promised to finish and literally just wrote that the work is still going

It is not a patch here, but Remaster of the first and second part

It’s not a remaster is needed here, but a remake of two parts basically everyone was waiting for a remake for the second part.

Che there Nebinaries are again without work? It seems that a lot of time has passed to understand that all these modern values ​​of most of humanity are not interesting and not acceptable in any form. It is enough to look at Netflix and Disney, and accept the opposite strategy, and you will be happy)

So glad to see a comment from a reasonable person. But imagine what would happen if we said it in this "chicken coop" (America). There they would eat us alive

Would eat, they would not eat. But in the same USA, Disney shares of something suddenly crawl down, the agenda cartoons and films fall in the rental. There, too, ordinary people lifted this agenda.

The pulp, the most, is the most ironic ironic, is also that.. Adequate representatives of those who everywhere began to pluck for the agenda, they themselves are not enthusiastic about it.

I saw one video where she was a girl of a black family watched a remake of a short -nozzle and began to outraged why she was black. Even the Black Black Vakhui there with shit, which is happening there. I wrote in the American chat in the discord that gays and all such immorality and literally after 2 seconds I was gone there anymore. Literally 2 seconds.

No, friend. A little wrong. Gays – sick people. But the agenda is immorality.

Well, instead of creating colorful characters and a stooped plot, staring militants and other games, simply hit the agenda and created not interesting characters with teenage thinking.

Yes, it’s a shame and could make 5 a continuation of 4 in space as a mentor of the stalfield mocking or even that kind was interesting, but alas, alas

The joke is that the saints never differed than special in terms of gameplay. They gave you a funny plot with interesting heroes, all this was talted by the gameplay cliches of many games, one final boss Fit in the third part of which cost. I remember this to the hysteria was brought by the phrase of the main villain "Nothing can break through my armor. except for those growths of the magma that are arranged here everywhere and I run past them".

Although the 4th part did not come to me, to be honest. I never passed it.

We have no plans to develop remasters or remakes of the first seints. because we were closed to hell due to frankly stupid decisions. But still sorry, the studio is old and with good games in the history of existence. And to be honest, the embraisers look like a fraud, they bought studios and an individual entrepreneur to tear off the jackpot in the form of investments, and when it did not work, they began to drain everything. Wolishn only the beginning.

Optimization and tightening of quality control will not hurt them, in fact. Volition already, in principle, had nothing of themselves, even if better in other, more promising studios are invested. It would be nice to shake Maikov also.

It’s a pity
Games strong middle peasants are needed, otherwise some were battled and aaa circle

4 parts of the SR were top-end for the lifon for all crap to do it, now it is unlikely that someone will do something similar given modern trends

I hope a couple of companies will close after the release of a frank agenda shit and grandfathers of the akhokh will understand that the goods are over to do at least a little quality.

Sorry, but it was predictable. After bankruptcy, Saints Row began to slide to the bottom, Red Faction – even earlier.

First Saints Row 3.5 (IV), then GAT OUT of HELL.

There was no need to contact "The story". So they got what they deserved.

In fact.

Well, as they say "Get Woke Go Broke" 🤷 Alexander

This happens when the game is built around the agenda and for the sake of people who are essentially not playing games. The same Baldurs Gate 3 Nagetele did not stop becoming one of the best -selling games 🤷 Alexander

And what their lGBTYSHY SHVAL did not help them cut off the cashier, let it be lessons to all the litter studios

Well, people, you did not understand the irony and sagged.

Ground for the ass, burn in hell and eat vibrations in the garbage dump, only my existence of the name volition.

Johnny is waiting for them at Gat out from helm)

Other studios will be like an example

Well, who will now do the red fact 🙁

Agents of Mayhem taught them nothing, they killed the legendary series of the game.

Eh, it was fun. Seyints Row the only game in which was Kumar. I’ll go get drunk.

Punisher and RED FACTION: Armageddon awesome games !

DLS will no longer be? (

And Saint’s Row too.

What a pity. It was not necessary to re -launch, but to release a normal continuation, with the very boss and his holy. I hope to someday the franchise will decide, perhaps, studio veterans.

Rather remaster 2 parts.

I don’t know, people here are happy in comments. But as I remember, this is very regrettable, TC is one of the few studios that collaborated with its Cloriti, Moderomi ITD. And it is clear that now no remaster of the second part should wait. Yes, maybe they were overlapped once with the vector of the last game, but here we should not forget that it is not indicated by the developer, but the publisher. As I remember, the game failed the Iza of the Zhang time and this is evident by her dampness, the lack of music in the scenes of items. The game is stupidly raw and made without enthusiasm, only to please the publisher. And what a result. All this is sad in general..

P.S. And about "Haters Gonna Hate", Well, what else they had to answer under the wing of the publisher. "We divide the sorry for the indication". Well then they would have been closed even earlier, this is not indie, but corps. Think.

One of the few studios that collaborated with his comunity, modruming etc.

Five years ago, the patch for the second part was anus, a year and a half ago, the main developer died of cancer, they were removed that they would finish the patch in memory of him. Two days ago they wrote on Twitter, the development of patch is in full swing! And today they closed. Where is Emoji Clown on this site?

The patch can still go out

Although their last game was not very, but the previous parts of the Saints Row are quite bad.

Especially the second and third.

It is a pity, of course, but no less sad is that the series itself was bent at a time when such games, the purpose of which, just entertain the player, began to somehow not be enough.

it’s high time, the last SR is complete shame

After the last part of the saints – there is a road there .

To be honest, SRTT, adored here by many, personally seemed to me an extremely mediocre game, simulating deliberately childish, de facto shared to the state of refinade Tyr in the midst of lifeless boxes. Even in Red Alert 2 there was more animated tin than in SRTT.

Better made a remake of the first parts than this Saints Row (2022)

They got what they deserved

It is a pity that they reached such a thing..

I will never forget a series of games "Red Faction"🧡

Oh, it is amazing that the riveting of LGBT garbage led to the closure of the studio. I hope some BioWare will think, as well as other studios

Never released Remaster 2 parts

There is a road to them! I will not cry!!

But it was just necessary to make a new part qualitatively and without bluish 3BU4. I crowned from the new part. The best is the third part. (Sr)

"We are driven by a passion for our community, and we always worked to deliver joy, surprise and delight."

Already under the closure of then, they might not lie. They themselves put hefty bolts on their projects and then still accused all criticism of cheatics. Eh, it’s a pity that the doped version of the 2nd saints will not see the light.

I hope all these "Diversitors" (With "soy" etc. "Transformers", which were scored by quotas and crafts) will finally disperse!

For Red Faction is insulting. The Red Brigade was almost one of the first games with completely destroyed buildings + now there is a demand for "communism", "Revolution of proletarians", "The fight against corporations". In short, they made bets on the wrong game.

ATP for the info, but it would be better if you just made a copy of the text and indicated a link to the source

I went to open a bottle of red)

They themselves are to blame! Released the reboot of Seints Row Mise. It would be better to release Remaster 1 and 2 parts, and not 3 part, well, dumb!

After this game, I’m not even surprised

Only Punisher came out just amazing! The rest of the games are garbage.

And what a English voice acting …

“No, this is the consequent!”

"Speak or regret"

It seems to me that Dyuzhev did not even know what was voiced

Carrion. And then who is patch for SR2 are engaged?

no one, a quarrel.

Eh. This was the only respected reason for this studios to exist after a terrible restart. So release games for soy.

The person who was engaged in him died of cancer in the year 2019 that way. They promised to bring his business to the end, but now 2023 and there was no news. Stupidly laid the bolt

I know about Idolninja. And they are free – they wrote that they say they were engaged, so recently they wrote that they have it now in their priority. Of course to believe that they will really bring the matter naively, but they are the only sources who were source.

DEEP Silver wrote they say a patch will go to another company. If it is really so, then some kind of long-suffering fate has a very long fate, even if he comes out, I doubt that it will be something good, even though give it to the dusks, they ate the flocks with wolves in this case.

Ahaha and did not have to release shameful saints who turned out to be at all. There were chic 1.2 they needed a remake.

Eh, it’s a pity that now Patch for SR2 will definitely not come out (
And so, Vera had already faded about the output of this patch, and now you can definitely not wait (

There is a road to them

So they did not release the patch correcting bugs in the second part that they promised 2 years ago, due to which the optimization in the game suffered, they even released a message on the tweeter that they could find the source code of the game and will certainly correct optimization in Saint Row 2. Apparently it is not fate for this. I thought I could play an optimized version someday.

The only patch developer died of cancer in 2021.

He did this Ninja Maud Patchi, and then the developers from Volitions themselves in the year 21 stated that they found a lost game code, and release a patch correcting optimization, and even in Steam on the OF page Saint Row 2. They posted a given message that they will release a patch.

Now the question is whether Saints Row will be closed, or the series has new developers?

After the failure of the last part of the series, you can forget for an indefinite period. If only anyone does not decide to buy the right from embrackers, but this is also extremely unlikely

if the rights of someone also buy, then there will be 50 to 50 chances or the game will be good or as the last part of what will mean the next forgetting for an indefinite period

And they all released on the road map?

By the way, a series, like Red Faction, now steers Plaion Tobish Koch Media

Could correct their position with remakes, but now alas.

It is a pity that a cool game studio has turned into a circus, but it’s good that this circus was closed.
Red Faction Guerilla was the most revolutionary game, which I have ever seen even to this day, and Saints Row 3-4 were the worst and were not afraid "Offend" Different layers of society.

There is a road to them. Workers who are unable to bring profit fired. We capitalize, happiness, for. kh. Well, you understand.

After the last part of the game Seints moat, it was expected. You still need to make a worse game.
No matter how much I was loyal to LGBT, there was a prominent darkness.

Sweet. There will not be some foreseeable time Igor Reins Row and there will be a current.

And Slipin Dogs will not. And Vadch Dogsov, most likely, too.

The last hourly dogs most likely did not really go because of innovative mechanics so the interest in the next game will most likely be even lower. there will be a couple of assassins, perhaps the heading is the edge and then only possible.
I don’t remember anything about Squiping DOGS 2 and I think the original game was not that successful and did not like it too much. So the big question.

Well, I just can’t even remember more GTA games like GTA)

On the one hand, it is sad to lose a series of saints, on the other hand, judging by the last game, it is better than continuing to kick the dead.

Somehow it does not care that they were closed themselves to blame for this, they do not make a high -quality product at the same time these games will not be compared to the previous ones that gave positive emotions especially 3 part Saints Row but about Red Faction I can’t say anything since I haven’t been to it for a long time played and just stopped following this by a series of games. Well ok you can destroy a couple of buildings of the crepts is not so fun, but scarce and boring. Maybe I’m just getting drunk ? And therefore I was bored there even at the age of 15, maybe someone likes the series. I personally like the very idea of ​​the game, but the plot she has nothing to do with the physics of cars, there’s nothing to graphically, well, okay, you just need to raise this series well and give it the right direction. I don’t know what will happen next with Saints Row, this is my favorite series except the new at the moment, I want to say either a series will be bought out and someone will be engaged in it but not the fact that it will be like 3 part or closer to the 4th, it is unlikely that such a good fun game will turn out But I hope there will be those who return our beloved Saints Row to the ranks.

It was obvious, after the last part (LGBT VSYER)

Sadly, still once made good games.

If the publisher has the right to a series, then there is nothing to worry about, they will find who to entrust it, they will also make a continuation.

Gorgeous were 2 and 3. The four is also in principle funny. It’s a pity that it happened.

Sorry, I liked the new part 🙁

At the same time interesting – the game paid off even at the expense of the suitcase from EGS, and this is not counting the sales of the game.

Hm. For me a normal game only Sain 2 and Garila 3 or which is on the surface. And so do not care

Guerilla is that about partisans on the surface, yeah. SR 2 and SR3 suitable. SR4 is already for amateur. And here is the restart. After the release, I have no desire to return like No Man’s Sky.

"The Volition team for 30 years proudly created the entertainment of the world class for fans around the world. We are driven by a passion for our community, and we always worked to deliver joy, surprise and delight", – stated in the statement of the studio.

Before creating the restart Saint’s Row. The plot is afraid for the time being – until the time. There are tea interesting characters. But in the bugs that break the game to you, and you need to restart the mother of her whole game, which still does not quickly load due to shitty optimization, Personally they do not suit me. And these friezes in some places do not understand why they are infuriated with me as the lack of free Shoping! Fuck It was to shove the mechanics of stores from GTA: SA which 2004 release, the game of 2022! I explain what kind of garbage. The assortment is replenished and there are more stores as the main plot. That is, Didier Sash who is an elite clothing store in the Grand Theft Auto universe will be available only upon returning to Los Santos. And this is how soon! The same similar situation in SR 2022. The current here Frankenstein assembled from the GTA of 2004 and the GTA 5 of 2013, where you have a spell sharpened at the character level like a weapon. In short, SR 2022 is a miserable corral under GTA 5. In order to hip on a similar gemple but with the supply of trash and fucker saint’s row.

good news – you have to pay for the agenda.

Saints Row was not perfect, in my opinion the most successful part was 3 part, there was not bad schedule for her time, there was not a bad plot, there was a certain realism and at the same time the elements of science fiction and humor were, there was a moderate part, 4 part On the schedule, of course, no worse, even better, but not much, the lag in the schedule of other games of those who came out approximately at the same time, is already noticeable, the plot has become generally crazy, of course I am normally related to games and films about aliens, such as the law enforcement officers and I like the game and the film, but the aliens in Saints Row are clearly superfluous. As for the restart, that is, Saints Row 2022, I had too high expectations to everything from graphics and physics. But the graphics there are almost the same as in 4 parts, it can be a little better, but some problems with lighting, various bugs, some strange connection of quests, which is sometimes stuck and the quest cannot be accepted or handed over, problems with physics and animations, There is no blood, of course, although already outdated, but not bad graphics, of the pluses, this is undoubtedly the opportunity to create a character and huge capabilities of customization, a lot of different clothes, for this game you can forgive a lot, much, but not everything, you can correct the blessing , make more realistic animations, add blood flowing from the dead, it was even in the previous parts, why it was removed? It is necessary to remove the bugs interfering with making quests, that is, just finish the game, but no. They hastened to let her out, then corrected something, and they scored something at all. If they were in no hurry with the release of the release, then even with such graphics, the game could become more successful. But they decided there "And so it will do" Here is the result.

Damn, why so? There were no prerequisites

Well, the reuptake will not be a trash to do more Poles and the pavement of the sulfild closed

And the zrada will be even better when your bakery closes

Well, and shit, they created a parach, there is a road there! Now there will be any defenders, Dizi will put it)))))

You are still lucky.

Saints Row is such ***** not clear how this **** survived up to 5 parts (((

This is a restart. In the fifth, we should, by the logic of the plot, fight for space dominance. But this is no longer Saint’s Row realistic Cosmosim X4 turns out.

So they need, losers! Let now go to the MacDak, score a point)

I hope after that, for other gaming companies there will be a lesson.

Sometimes I really want to go to the game news for the next time, and to see and read the fresh official post that the game company is officially closed by the air company’s game company, and all the employees of this company were dismissed, and they were given a decree that they were permitted to develop games and associated with games.

A ha ha, in the sense, meow.

For it was said, if you spit into society, then it will be. But if society spits in you in response, then you will drown.

It’s only one thing sorry that these mediocrity did not allow veterans to finish the patch for the PC version of Saints Row 2.

But although not, it’s not even a pity, because I feel sorry for the bee.

It is a pity that such good studios are leaving, it would be better if Larian with their wretched step -by -step crap closed, in which there is nothing more interesting and there

And what is good this studio has done in recent years? The last decent game was released already in 2013. What they have been doing for the past 10 years, I do not know, judging by "quality" out of the products, cherries were kicking and hanging around the clubs. In fact, they are no different from the biological crops, exactly the same degradants.

How to tease you.

Yes, how dare you water with slopes recognized by millions masterpiece of the gaming industry? You get a tremendous pleasure from the game, especially from a brilliantly thought -out step -by -step combat system. And of course the epic plot is very interesting to follow! I have everything I finished.