The creator of the original Fallout spoke about the sources of inspiration when creating a cult RPG

The creator of Fallout Tim Kane posted on his YouTube channel another video in which he talks about games, books, films and series that influenced the creation of the post-apocalyptic universe of the role-playing game.

From setting to the plot, Kane explains what individual elements have influenced. There are more general influences of games, films and books, but Kane explains that in fact there is no one thing, which greatly influenced the games as a whole.

Vault-Tec was the stereotype of every greedy, poorly controlled defense contractor, which flourished in the United States during the Cold War and after it. We just wanted to laugh at them.

"Sugar Bombs were based on Kelvin and Hobbes", – Kane adds. "Favorite cereal of Kelvina – chocolate glazed sugar bombs, and sugar bombs were simply required to be in the game".

Nuka-Cola, as expected, came from Coca-Cola.

The overall design of all Fallout robots was developed on the basis of the 1956 science fiction film "Forbidden planet", Moreover, any projects based on modern robots, such as a terminator or robocop, were rejected.

Chips of the Cold War, comics, weapons and armor – all this also influenced the general view of Fallout. Sign power armor came from a series of films of the 50s, like many technologies with a nuclear engine in the game. Even George Romero’s films about zombies played a role, because how he shot these monsters influenced what Guli eventually became.

Even the original book I am Legend (not a film with Will Smith) influenced Fallout. Before the film, it was Richard Matison’s novel of 1954, and he helped popularize the idea of ​​post -backed wasteland, devastated radiation and diseases, which is an important part of the setting of Fallout.

Kane says he also read all the winners of the award "Hugo" For each year during the development of Fallout, which means that he read about 40 science fiction novels, which are considered one of the best, ever published. "I am sure that there are some subconscious influences that come from these books", – Says Kane.

Obviously, the early X-Com games also provided "a huge impact", And Ultima, in which the main attention was paid to making you a good person, gave Kane the idea to allow players Fallout to be, well, bad. The classic game Wasteland also played a role, but not as strong as you might think.

Kane also praised Bethesda, which took control of the series in the mid-2000s for its revival.