New illustration Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty shows the “temple” of the ruler

The plot extension for Cyberpunk 2077 will allow players to explore the new area – Pyosiy City and get acquainted with its local ruler Kurt Hansen. The local leader not only subjugated all the gangs for himself and put things in order in the most criminal place of Night City, but also created his personal "temple". Kurt’s lair was shown by the developers of the game in the new concept art.

The new illustration reveals the design of the so -called "Kurt’s sanctuaries". This is the place where Kurt Hansen lives and controls a militarized gang "Bargest". Despite the fact that they do not obey megacorporations, they control the whole area of ​​Night City and have an impressive budget, which is said by their luxurious den.

Kurt is not a bloodthirsty dictator at all, as is commonly believed. He is a born leader. Intelligent manager revered by his pack. Once upon a time, the former employer “threw” him, so Kurt turned the scattering. He opened a bench in the holy of the Holy Pasifiks. He arranged fate, relying on his combat experience. Now things are going uphill, I don’t know if it’s good or bad.

The concept once again hinted that the plot of the Cyberpunk 2077 additions: Phantom Liberty will be closely connected with Kurt Hansen and his gang. Probably the main character will be able to visit his personal "temple" not for friendly negotiations.

Recall that earlier CD Projekt RED officially announced the return of the Lizzi Weazzy superstar from the original game in addition. Also, the authors showed the remains of the museum in the dog city.

Release Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty will take place on September 26 on PC and consoles.

What exactly do Pyosiy then. What is not dog? -much better for a English ear.

Here’s about the same.

Because Bargest is a cool mythological dog, and not some kind of pingo sutu.
Dogs of local militants would not be solid enough with such a fraction of this fraction.

Bargestes were at the beginning of the first witcher, such green dogs ghosts that attacked at night

Yes, there were such.

A.. This is a group. And I thought I thought it was something abstract "shitty", In the likeness of meaning "Life of a dog" and so on. type "Non -prestigious area/ non -prestigious city", where is a solid trash. I did not watch the DLS video and did not delve into.

Beautiful. Apparently, artists are the last workers of the former SDPR, who else works in it

How did this one "Pyosiy City" .Nowhere are the names of the city/district are not translated, but then they suddenly came up with.

This is not an official name, but a fixed nickname of the district. Therefore, the context of this designation is important here. The meaning should be perceived, not the form.

Tell this "Hellish cuisine" or "The Red Lights area"

You love the dogs?

Knight – generally surname.

difference between "New York" And "Big apple" it is also incomprehensible to you?)

Well, it remains to show the ending of the DLC and you can not pump up the update in principle

What can be an addition if GG died at all endings.

And and here it was not dead here, the ends of the main game do not play the roles of the addition here, you pass the addition after you get to the vuduists, after that the jay will contact you, and will say that it can help with the biochip, but with one condition that Vi owes Save Mayers, after you pass the Phantom Liberty storyline, another ending will be added to the main game, I think that it is positive, at least it should, otherwise it is impossible, it turns out, no matter how you play, in the end it dies.

But on the contrary, I do not want a positive ending, somehow it is not in place in this game. And the music at the end is only suitable for the tragic finale

Well, play with a bad end, who is against the one, at least one positive ending should be, just the same in this game, without a positive ending, I consider the most logical ending this suicide, fast and understandable, why spend time on a mixer, After all, GG will die anyway, in general, what I want to say, even if the new ending is positive, play everything as you like, I hope that the new ending will be positive, it does not happen that at all ends of the vi, the continuation has been traveled for half a year. Cyberpunk 2 will be, so he will still find a way to recover. (I don’t care about the likes of diesel, you can at least put 100, I do not insist my opinion, I went through the secret ending, and that? In the end, he still dies in space, in all ends he will remain six months, in general, if the new ending is a depressive garbage hinting that the player spent his time in vain, for me there will be only one ending this suicide.

In the setting of cyberpunk, Vi has just a positive ending. Six months in this world is a lot. Just imagine that such a character can help in six months with such connections? This is a legend who has overcome Smesher, Kent Joni, Nomads, Fixers. Yes, and Alt Caningham herself may need VI. The most open endings. In the option, to lower your hands and do nothing just another "Legend", whose name they can use as they want, so it does not seem to me an option to put your hands on yourself.

If the vuduists, Helman, Alt did not really help (the vuduists are simply not beneficial to quarrel with the mercenary in any situation if the player is well prepared, then he may show that he is not a pawn not a radio. at the moment, the coolest non -junner is the vudist Mom Brigita, who wants to deceive him, but no, with the addition of the GG will have the opportunity to recover, believe me, if GG were so hopelessly, the addition would not have been done with the hope of hope The best outcome (if I carry nonsense, then why, to make an addition) it was just possible to release an update, I am silent about Evelyn Parker, from the very beginning of the game it is clear that she knows about this biochip exactly like GG, That is, there is nothing, tries to pass himself for a cool bold woman, and in fact a fool who dared to go against the vuduists that these six months give him, this cannot be called a good end, a good ending for the rest of the characters, but not for the GG itself, because in others in others the endings, either Sol or Besta, will die who helps him,And Alt at the end of the game simply puts him in front of the fact if you want to survive, we go with me for a black barrier and give the body to Silly Super, or if you want to leave everything as it is, and tells you to live six months, and that’s it, but he really has a new end The chance to recover immediately, without these six months, the ending with the nomads, the most stupid,, the whole game is imprisoned not on how it will be remembered, but so that he or it finds a way to be cured, and he kills the smosher well done, but he does not find a way to recover in The end of the game, in fact, they tell us directly, the sucker was sucked and you will die, at the beginning, the right question is asked by Jackie, but is it not the best dex, with a hint that if the beast is the coolest then what they are spending time, on this dax

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