Diablo 4 developers shared a large number of details about the second season

Diablo 4 developers published an extensive article on the official website, in which in detail they talked about changes and innovations "Blood season". Details in the material below.

Tear enemies to pieces in the blood season

Bloody hunters of the Dark Vladyka came out of the shadow and attack mortals who are not suspected of a new threat. It is more difficult to quench their hunger with bloodsuckers – soon the blood season will paint the entire sanitary power in crimson tones!

The second season Diablo IV will begin on October 17 at 20:00 Moscow time. Drop the fear and enter into battle with fanged evil spirits. A new seasonal campaign, a chain of tasks, a special event, battles with bloodthirsty deadly enemies, a military pass and much more – not a single monster will escape your anger. The final stage of Diablo IV has become even more saturated: new superbosses will appear in the sanctuary. It is difficult to defeat these indomitable monsters, but they are the only source of several unique and decorative objects. In this article we will talk about the blood season in all terrible details – read on so as not to miss anything.

Starting from the blood season, the players will have the opportunity to skip the campaign in the seasonal game world after the “Lazer links” assignment in the prolon. This will allow you to immediately begin the content of the new season. And on October 17, renewal is released 1.2.0!

Reflect the bloody wave with Eris in a new task

They started with small – small villages, weak booty. Having blamed the victim with one blow, they immediately bite her throat. You will not wish anyone such a death. But the further their thirst drove, the more they forgot about caution. Rumors of suspicious attacks multiplied, and finally you heard about the vampires.

One of the towns suffered from bloodsuckers especially strongly. Local head of judge Oren in despair asks you to find out who is to blame for the next recent massacre. Track vampires on the catacombs of the sanctuary in the new plot chain, attract an visiting a hunter for vampires Eris and unravel the web of the conspiracies of the dark lord.

These enemies of the sanctuary are not just demons with whom you are used to fighting. To combat them, you will have to master the skills of vampires with a special contract armor. Use newly -composed power against children at night, mercilessly sending them to eternal peace. And maybe a sense of fear At least for a short while He will leave the inhabitants of the sanctuary.

This chain of tasks begins in a bard. Talk to Oren to take a task from him “Bloody money”.

Stretch the blood of enemies with vampire skills

To stick a stake in the heart of a dark lord and disrupt his plans, you will have to master his wild strength. Only forbidden knowledge can save the sanctuary. But for this you will have to pay blood – blood. It can be collected from defeated enemies and spent in the Vampire skills tab in the character menu to open or strengthen accidental skill. Another way to open vampire skills is to go through the seasonal chain of tasks and participate in the event “Bloody harvest”. We will talk about the latter a little below.

If the vampire skill is already unlocked, the blood of the force will help to develop it. Skills can be improved to a maximum of level 3, and you can choose no more than 5 skills at a time. By pointing the mouse pointer to the vampire skill, you will notice from 1 to 3 characters and numbers. Symbols indicate contracts, and the number is the cost of skill. Here we go to contract armor.

Conclude a contract with dark force

There are three types of contracts in total. In the picture from above, they are depicted from left to right: a contract of ferocity, gods and eternity. During the blood season, first of all, look for contracted bibs, chips, gloves, boots and helmets, because without them you cannot activate vampire skills. Having opened the skill and collecting contract armor, check how many contracts the equipment used gives. It must correspond to the value of the skill.

Take for example the legendary gloves in the screen picture. They give 1 fustle contract, 1 contract of gods and 1 contract of eternity. If 1 contract of ferocity is required to activate vampire skills, gloves close this requirement, and you still have contracts of gods and eternity for other skills. If you take the second vampire skill, for which 1 contract of gods and 1 contract of eternity are needed, other items will still not be needed.

Tune contract armor

What to do if you have no armor with the right contracts in your collection? The servants of the dark lord invented two subjects for such situations: individual contracts and cleansing acid.

Separate contracts can be added to any selected subject (but not more than a specific quantity). Cleaning acid removes the contract from objects.

These reagents must either be pulled out of the claws of bloody hunters, or mined in the “Bloody Harvest” event, a seasonal campaign, luxurious coffins and a new chain of tasks. Use them wisely so that your armor provides enough contracts for your favorite vampire skills.

Pour new blood into the usual course of the game

Having met vampire skills and contract armor, let’s look at all 22 vampire skills from the blood season. Any class can choose any set of skills and turn into a real thunderstorm of vampires. What do you prefer – to accumulate as many different skills as possible or develop only some of them?

The new property of the “curse of vampires” will further enhance the monstrous power of these abilities. Pay attention to him while you read the descriptions of skills.

Curse of vampires: Having killed the enemy, on which your “curse of vampires” acts, you keep his soul. Skills of the category “protection”, “macabr” or “dexterity” release souls that attack the nearest opponents. You can accumulate up to 8 souls.

The descriptions below correspond to the vampire skills of the 3rd (maximum) level.

Small vampire skills (1-3 contracts are required):

  • Anticipation (1 contract of gods): your powerful skills are recovering 20% ​​faster. Your powerful skills apply 12% more damage for each closest enemy under the influence of your effects of periodic damage.
  • Fangs of the cult (2 contracts of the gods): your skills in the “witchcraft” category, as well as attacks by pets, servants and surname-netoprier, are applied 52% more damage to opponents under the influence of control effects. Successful blow: your skills of the “witchcraft” category, as well as attacks by pets, servants and surname-netopyr with a probability of 30% applied to the targets “Curse of vampires”.
  • Domination (1 Fusty contract): You apply 24% more to the damage, immobilized and frozen goals, as well as goals under the influence of fear. If the goal is also wounded and not a special enemy, it dies instantly.
  • Food for a cult (1 contract of eternity): a successful blow: skills of the “witchcraft” category, as well as attacks by pets, servants and a nompler surname with a probability of up to 60%. the main resource and increase damage by 10% by 4 seconds.
  • Simatokha (3 contracts of the gods): every 5th application of basic skills reduces the restoration time of one of the active skills by 2 seconds.
  • Hemomania (3 contracts of eternity): Your attacks inflict physical damage to the closest opponents in the amount of 80% of your maximum health supply. The effect works no more than once in 4 seconds. You make up for 1% of the maximum health supply for each affected enemy.
  • Infection (1 contract of ferocity): by inflicting direct damage, you infect opponents with smallpox. According to the accumulation of 8 effects, infection is removed, and the target receives 70% of the damage from the poison.
  • Zubrenoy spikes (1 Fustling contract, 1 gods): Thorns with a probability of 10% are applied 300% more damage and make the targets bend, reducing their mobility by 8%.
  • Hunting for weak (2 fierce contracts): you apply 16% more damage to vulnerable opponents. Opponents are vulnerable, while they are acting a “curse of vampires” from your other vampire skills.
  • Bastion (1 contract of gods, 1 eternity): When you stand motionless for 3 seconds., You get a barrier with a strength of 40% of your maximum health reserve for 6 seconds. The effect works no more than once in 20 seconds.
  • Gluttony (3 fierce contracts): A successful blow: you with a probability of 20% increase your attack rate by a size equal to 40% of the total speed of movement by 6 seconds.
  • Sustainability (2 contracts of eternity): You get 1% less damage for every 2% of the missing health.
  • Blood bracelet (1 contract of gods, 1 eternity): Having killed the enemy, you get a fortification in the amount of 6% of the basic stock of health. While the volume of the fortification exceeds half of your maximum health supply, the probability of a critical blow increases by 8%.
  • ALREADY (1 Fusty contract, 1 gods, 1 eternity): Having received damage from the attack, you are likely to 14% plunge opponents into fear and slow them down 80% by 2 seconds. You are guaranteed to inflict critical blows to opponents on which the effect of fear acts.
  • Negality (1 contract of eternity): skills make up for you 3% of the maximum health reserve. The effectiveness of treatment doubles when your health level is below 50%.

Great vampire skills (6 contracts are required):

  • Cursed touch (6 contracts of the gods): A successful blow: you use a probability of 44% to the goals of the “curse of vampires”. Once a second, opponents under the influence of a curse with a probability of 15% infect their closest goals. Damned souls are applied 200% more than damage.
  • Bloody rain (3 contracts of the gods, 3 eternity): When maintaining skills, a blood area is formed under you. When you are in the blood area, supported skills are inflicted by 40% more damage, and the damage you get decreases by 30%. The blood area is formed no more than once in 8 seconds.
  • Bloody abscess (6 contracts of eternity): When your main skills suppress the enemy, you create unstable blood drops in the amount of 3 pcs. When you select an unstable drop of blood, it explodes, applying 60% of physical damage around you. Once every 20 seconds. Your next skill is guaranteed to cause overwhelming damage.
  • Settlery’s call (3 fierce contracts, 3 gods): when you apply the skill of the “skill”, “master of weapons”, “macabr”, “anger” or “saturation”, you are calling for a non -frying closest opponents and inflicting 80% of physical damage. Netopyr with a probability of 30% stunes the goal.
  • Flowing veins (2 fermentation contracts, 2 gods, 2 eternity): you apply 60% more periodic damage to moving targets or opponents under the influence of the “curse of vampires”.
  • Metamorphosis (2 contracts of ferocity, 2 gods, 2 eternity): when slipping, you turn into a flock of inaccules and get irrepancy for 4 seconds. You inflict 160% of physical damage in your path and impose a “curse of vampires” on them.
  • Sunrise of the Moon (6 fierce contracts): When the basic skill affects the enemy, your attack speed increases by 4% by 10 seconds. Simixed up to 5 times. Having accumulated the maximum amount of effects, you fall into the bloody rage of a vampire, increasing damage from basic skills by 160% and speed of movement by 15% by 10 seconds.

Enjoy the fame of the hunter in the seasonal event “Bloody harvest”

The seasonal event “Bloody harvest” is the right way to accumulate the blood of power and get contract armor. Obeying the orders of the Dark Vladyka, the insidious bloody hunters led the vampire army to conquer the dry steppes, Havezar and Skorgilin. They plunge the captured lands into chaos, and their inhabitants are stolen into slavery.

Increase the reputation by dealing with enemies in instructions, breaking through the bloody blisters, performing events in the open world, tearing off the rituals of vampires and freeing the captives. Each level of reputation gives such useful awards such as materials, objects and reagents for contracts.

Traveling through the zones of the “bloody harvest”, you will sometimes find bloody baits that attract bloody hunters. And the hunter’s keys can be unlocking the shackles of captives or chests of hunters to extract contract armor, reagents for contracts and the blood of force.

Debt the army of the dark lord in new events

In the open world and in the dungeons, events will also take place that allow you to converge in battle with bloody hunters and servants of vampires. In some dungeons of the sanctuary, the army of the Dark Vladyka settled for a very long time – go down in the depths and reveal their sinister secrets.

Defeat formidable final bosses

Fresh reinforcements from the most distant and gloomy corners of the underworld are approaching the sanctuary, again foreshadowing the death of innocent and merciless destruction. Few people have enough to go against the new final superfobsses, but desperate daredevils can hope for the most exclusive unique and decorative trophies. For the victory over each of these bosses, you can get several unique items, and some of them cannot be obtained otherwise. The same applies to decorative awards.

You can try your luck in the battle with these creatures of darkness both in the eternal and seasonal game world at least 3rd level. And at the 4th level of the world even more dangerous bosses will open-these enemies are ready to fight only on their conditions.

Below is a list of bosses and conditions for the fight with them.

Greguar Holy Thunderbird (3rd and 4th level of the world): Gather the right amount of live steel from tormented gifts during the hellish onslaught. For the victory over Greguar, you can get not only unique objects, but also decorative armor for transport “Demon Catch”.

Echo Warslan (3rd and 4th level of the world): win the terrible debtors during the “whisper of the dead” and collect fragments of the body of Warsan. The awards of the whispering tree, which can be obtained for gloomy gifts, is guaranteed to give one part of the body of Warsaw. Having collected all the parts (including a plague heart, if you are at the 4th level of the world), you can call on Warslan. For the victory over it, you can get not only unique objects, but also the trophy “cauterizing flesh of the rod”.

Beast in the ice (4th level of the world): Gather the essence of horror during the passage of nightmare dungeons at least the level of the 30th level. Having accumulated the right amount, visit the occultist and make the seal of the Nightmare “Ice Fam. A fight with a monster in ice can start after its activation. For the victory over it, you can get not only unique objects, but also trophies for transport “Lanter-Cherep” and “Terrible Hall”.

Dark Vladyka (4th level of the world): defeat the boss outside the dungeon at the 4th level of the world or pass the event of the legion. For them you will receive selected blood. Having accumulated the right amount, you can call the dark lord. For the victory over it, you can get not only unique objects, but also the decorative helmet “Diadem of the ancients”.

Echo Duriel (4th level of the world): defeat the Greguar of the Holy Thunder and Warsaw at the 4th level of the world to collect eggs covered with mucus and fragments of agony. Having gained the right amount, you can call Duriel the lord of pain! This is the only boss in the update for the victory of which you can get super -nuclear items. Also, for the victory over it, you can get a smoldering horse named Sera.

Do not forget: all conditions must be fulfilled before each battle with each boss, so do not throw out extra reagents for calling.

Many players complained that the content of the final stage of the game is quite monotonous, and there are too few opportunities to extract unique and supercanic objects. We added these dynamic exciting contractions for the most advanced players so that they can experience themselves and at the same time try to get valuable objects.

Demon -lords love to torment their victims and are happy to watch your slow death – do not give them such pleasure!

New awards of seasonal campaign and military pass

Having tracked by the henchman lord Zira with Eris and revealing blood secrets, you will receive awards of a seasonal campaign and military pass.

The seasonal campaign consists of chapters, including different tasks. By passing the heads, you will receive awards worthy of the defenders of the sanctuary – for example, new legendary aspects, Salmagundi transport, armor for transport “Burn and Spikes” and 3 scrolls of amnesia, allowing you to lose your own skills and improvement panels for free. The campaign allows you to earn approval – the resource necessary to increase the level of combat passage. It is also accrued during the game.

Blood-red-Hit season

The combat pass of the blood season will begin to operate at 20:00 Moscow time on October 17. It includes 90 levels of awards: 27 levels on a free tape and level 63 on a premium tape.

With a premium combat pass, you will receive not only awards of a free tape, but also awakened sets of armor, transport, armor for transport, platinum and much more! For example, at the 1st level, the transport “Hungry Porodydous Hall” opens, and at the next level-decorative objects from a set of awakened bone armor. And if you decide to take an accelerated seasonal military pass and plunge into bloody madness with your head, then immediately get 20 levels of awards and emotion “Vampire Rest”.

A smoldering ash from a free tape of awards can be spent on the blessings of the season that give useful bonuses and help to stand against the army of demons. There are five blessings in total, three of them will appear in the game for the first time:

  • Blood urn: allows you to quickly increase the level of praise of hunters during the bloody harvest.
  • The urn of the hellish onslaught: increases the likelihood of finding another subject of equipment in the chests of hellish onslaught. This item will be not lower than the legendary level of quality.
  • Switching urn: reduces the time of restoration of transport after acceleration.

Bonuses from the blessings of the season act only until the end of the blood season.

Clothing from legends in the tedel shop

Invisible heat begins in the store! New sets of equipment, armor, accessories, transport and armor for transport will allow you to destroy monsters stylishly. Since October 17, you should more often visit Tedagl and view its goods. The range will be updated throughout the blood season. One of the rarest finds is the prestigious equipment of Barbar “Warrior of the Underworld”, which includes decorative armor, 2 decorative types of weapons and coloring for all the characters-coarse.

Seasons and objects in a cache

The plague season is coming to an end, and you can take with you all the equipment, which you mined with such difficulty.

After the end of the season, all seasonal characters will be transferred to the eternal game world. Items from the plague season in your cache will fall into a new cache tab, from where it can only be extracted. They will remain there throughout the blood season so that you have time to decide what to pick up with you. But when the blood season ends, all objects from this tab will disappear.

Decorative set “Winged Darkness”

One of the gifts of the underworld is soon materialized in our world. If you purchased any Diablo IV digital edition until October 17, the decorative kit “Winged Gloom” for Diablo Immortal can be taken until March 31, 2024. To do this, you need to enter Diablo Immortal and open a notice that came in the game mail.

Exciting season with NVIDIA DLSS 3

After reading our review, you probably can’t wait to open hunters hunters in the blood season. But is your computer ready for this? With NVIDIA DLSS 3, the bloody massacre will unfold on the screen with all frightening beauty.