The fan has so steeply remade the Baldur’s Gate dilogy interface, which attracted the attention of Beamdog

Among the fans of the Baldur’s Gate series there is no shortage of those who replay annually into their favorite parts, and for those who need a little promotion, the Infinity UI project appeared++. The modification, available for some time, has now attracted the attention of Beamdog, which praised the changes made to the original interface of the first part of the series.

You have already tested the Infinity UI ++ mod for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition? The talented Modder Pecca completely remade the original user interface of Baldursgate and left us in complete delight!

He even has a new Bessaria tab in the magazine!

The work of Pecca is a number of solutions inspired, in particular, by the Pillars of Eternity series. This is especially noticeable in the main layout in which the portraits of the team members, the fast access panel, the menu and the messages were moved to the lower part of the screen.

The changes affected the screens of the character and inventory, making them much more understandable and simplifying the switching between the characters. A very convenient function is the ability to display the inventory of the entire team in one window, which makes the management of resources faster and organized.

The magazine has additional tabs: "Bestiary" And "Library". The first keeps records of defeated enemies, fixing, for example, their number. The second remembers the content of all the books that we read during the game.

The shots presented by the author demonstrate the new appearance of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, but, according to the description of the Infinity UI ++ project, it is also compatible with Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition and modification of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced EDITION TRILIGY, and it is also planned to be planned version for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition.

At the moment, Infinity UI ++ is still in beta version (the last update dates from April this year), so not all changes have been implemented or properly tested.