The authors of the Forza Motorsport racing simulator revealed the details about the advanced AI

During the last monthly broadcast, the creative director of Forza Motorsport Chris Esaki spoke in detail about the updated artificial intelligence, which the players will face in the upcoming racing game.

Esaki explained that in a game such as Forza Motorsport, the artificial intelligence system has two sides: AI controller, that is, how riders controlled by the computer slow down, throttle and steer, that is, the trajectory along which they move along highway. According to Esaki, both of these systems were completely processed and correspond to the main principle of the game – pure, competitive ring racing.

For this, Turn 10, in fact, remade the principle of operation Drivatar. Earlier, as you may remember, Drivatar tried to reproduce the real behavior of real users from the list of your friends, based on their previous races in Forza. However, this meant that behavior "unsafe drivers" It was also reproduced in your races, which could turn them into a semblance of Destruption Derby.

In the new Forza Motorsport, user behavior will no longer imitate. Only coloring and other settings made for cars and costumes of drivers will be transferred to friends’s races using Drivatar.

To create the fastest AI without any cheats, Turn 10 used machine learning to master all the combinations of the highway, car (including upgrades) and weather conditions. If the Forza Motorsport 7 had only three traffic lines that were manually added to the game by developers, then the new Forza Motorsport provides for each combination nineteen movement lines.

Compared to the previous game held on the Maple Valley highway, the modernized AI was 13 seconds faster. AI now uses all the possibilities of the highway, including the clamp to the side of the road, and even looks more believable.

It also means that, despite the lack of script errors, "Honest mistakes" AI is possible from time to time.

Esaki also touched on the theme of the clash model. Previously, he already mentioned a 48-fold increase in the accuracy of the system in the new game, but this time he showed that the former physics caused jumps and wild behavior of pendants. The new system should provide improved handling.