“Shame on you, Sony”: Critics ambiguously met the adaptation of Gran Turismo

August 25 will take place the premiere of the Gran Turismo film. Despite the fact that several weeks left before the release, critics have already managed to see the tape and take out their verdict. The opinions of experts about the quality of the picture were divided: someone praises the director Nile Blomkamp and his team for the well-done work, and someone criticized the authors for leaving the real story. This is what journalists write.

Most experts still remained unhappy with the tape. Many condemned the creators of the Gran Turismo for having distorted real events for the sake of a spectacular plot turn. In March 2015, Yann Mardenboro, whose story was told in the film, had an accident during the race on the Nurgurgring highway. As a result of the incident, one spectator died. According to critics, the authors used the incident as a source of motivation for the protagonist. It was this tragedy, according to the plot, that precisely served as the reason that the hero and his team took third place in the Race “24 hours of Le-Man”. Experts noted that the reproduced scene is not true: events took place during another period of Mardenboro’s career. Moreover, such a move was considered blasphemy.

“In fact, preparations for the participation of Mardenboro in the race in Le Man passed smoothly, and a terrible accident occurred only two years later. To assume that the incident helped Yanna to take a step closer to his triumph, not just incorrect, but reprehensible. The worst nightmare of the family of the deceased viewer turned into a holiday. Shame on you, sony ” – Charlotte O’Sullivan, Evening Standard.

Some of the critics called the most important drawback of the film an abundance of advertising. In their opinion, too frequent mention of the Sony brand spoils the impression of viewing, turning the picture into part of the PlayStation promotion campaign.

“Commerce literally desecrates all the efforts [the authors of the film]. When Yann from a pure heart gives Jack a gift, which company logo is clearly visible on it? (Hint: this is not Apple). And as the main character moves along the career ladder and conquers the racing tracks, we continue to hear that the original PlayStation product is a real driving simulator, and not just some kind of game. This wording is also suitable for the film: this is a simulation of cinema ” – Ryan Gilby, The Guardian.

Some experts criticized the picture for the lack of a dramatic component and expression. One way or another, according to experts, these shortcomings will not spoil the impressions to those who consider themselves a real fan of a series of racing simulators.

“Since the film“ based on real events ”(as is persistently emphasized in the name), the possibilities for artistic fiction when working with the source material are limited. And although Yann Mardenboro has an inspirational background, the creators of the film cannot squeeze a lot from a series of rather predictable plot turns. But the fans of the video game, including a significant audience of fans of Gran Turismo and motivos lovers motivated by the Sony’s intensive marketing campaign, are unlikely to object to the limited dramatic plot of the film, ” – Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter.

Among the dissatisfied critics were those who highly appreciated the tape. A number of journalists noted that the authors successfully integrated the game into fragments of real history.

“This is a film based on video games, and how it is integrated in moments of real life, especially during the races, is made impeccably. The picture is filled with really cool visual effects that the audience will talk about when leaving the cinema, ” – Tess Smith, mom’s geeky.

Finally, some journalists said that the film nevertheless deserves the attention of the audience. In their opinion, he is able to give genuine emotions.

“Gran Turismo successfully reproduces dangerous races, which during the viewing forced us to strain every time Yann made a risky overtaking. There were some truly amazing moments and scenes that forced the audience to shut up in our cinema, ” – Aaron Bane, push.