Redfall entered the “Small Hall” Steam

Failures for the unfortunate Redfall continue. After Redfall has earned many mixed reviews both from critics and players for the fact that the multiplayer multiplayer shooter is deprived of ideas and is replete with mistakes and weak gameplay, which even becomes funny, now Redfall is among the games with the lowest rating in Steam.

Go to "Hall of shame" in Steam 250 and you will see Redfall in 14th place in the list. Nominally the site monitors the rating of the best games in Steam using its own algorithm, which takes into account both average reviews of reviews and their number. Nevertheless, the same algorithm can be applied to negative reviews, as a result of which Redfall turned out to be between GASP and Umbrella Corps.

We must pay tribute to the developers of Redfall from Arkane Studios, Umbrella Corps that even Capcom can release a bad game, but Redfall is really something special. And the point here is not only in bugs, which are a lot in the game and which are sometimes simply hilarious, and not only in the schedule and an empty open world. This is not the lack of matchmaking in a cooperative game and not stupid AI, which cannot understand how to attack the player while he stands behind the car.

All together just yells that the incomplete product was launched on the market even before he was ready at least remotely. It feels like Redfall was deliberately released in Arkane so that she died during a short lull in the game industry, before the new Zelda will help us forget about the existence of Redfall. If so, then Redfall does everything possible to quickly go to eternity. After Redfall spent exactly one day in the list of best -selling games in Steam, it is not visible anywhere except in the lower part of the rating sites, and this is the lowest evaluated Arkane game.

Redfall was supposed to be one of the main Microsoft releases this year, which forced fans to worry about Starfield, the upcoming space RPG from Bethesda. As fans remember, no Bethesda game came out without serious bugs and glitches, but if Redfall is what quality control can pass, just imagine how harsh there can be Starfield.

The failure of Redfall made the head of the Xbox Fila Spencer apologize to the fans and admit that even inside the company no one expected that Redfall would fall as much as it happened.