“Russian hackers” responded to the statement of the creators of Stalker 2: “The level of lies and manipulations of the GSC surpassed all expectations”

This week a build appeared on the network.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Heart of Chornobyl, which enthusiasts were able to launch, and then the GSC Game World studio accused certain sins "English hackers".

Apparently, representatives of developers hinted at the VK community "Bulletin "The same stalker". In the community, this statement by GSC Game World was outraged, because almost immediately after the leak there was an opinion that it was a simple error on the part of the developers – this, including, indicated the source of distribution (the Czech Republic where the developers were located).

One of the founders of the community "VTSS" Daniil Nexus answered the accusations GSC Game World. Separately, he noted that "The level of lies and manipulations on the part of the studio surpassed all expectations".

It’s nice that the drain was recorded on our account, but this time the level of lies and manipulations of GSC surpassed all our expectations. We will touch their official statement a little and clarify some points.

1. "Our team revealed the vulnerability to which it used <. >"
– Lie. This is very convenient to call the incompetence of their security officers “vulnerability”, and then blame us for using it, freely downloading the build. The build was loaded into the torrent GSC itself 6 days ago, and they forgot to configure its privacy. No hacks and no actions on the part of our agents were performed for T.n. “Plum” data.

2. ” <. >A group of English hackers attacking the company for almost a year and a half “
– We said this a hundred times, we will repeat in one hundred and one: not all of us are Englishs, we are not Englishs and even no hackers. The company, of course, did not bring evidence of its words. We have no idea what “one and a half years of attacks” in this case are talking about.

Note that the GSC community managers decided to remove all English chats in their official Discord server (replacing it with “all languages” channels) and prohibit it to talk freely everywhere except channels for proposals and issues.
It only turns out that the company’s policy is built on hypocrisy. Otherwise, how to explain that it is freely used inside the company? Not only in communication between employees, but also in development: at the moment, the game has almost the entire text – English, when the English text began to introduce recently. Design documents are also written in English.

We will summarize: even a leak of 15GB of data and developments on the game was made by Ukrainians and only. In a recent Bild leak, the GSC Game World themselves is to blame, for the most part of their Ukrainians (Czechs). The Americans discovered a leak, and we, also Ukrainians, found the following and began to spread.
And all this without resorting to any hacking and use of “vulnerabilities”.

Datamainer and Model Red Panda also did not stand aside and spoke about this: