Team Ninja spoke about three factions and main characters Rise of the Ronin

On the official page of the PlayStation website dedicated to Rise of the Ronin, the upcoming action with the open world for PS5, new information about the factions acting in the historical period, during which the adventure takes place.

There are three main fractions:

  • Sabaku – supporters of the shogunate
  • Tobaku is an anti -egunate
  • Obay – Western forces

Recall that the “shogun” is the head of the Japanese army, almost the head of the entire nation, since the emperor in the period under review does not have real political and military authorities. In addition, it is important to know that in this historical period, Japan opens the West after the centuries of complete isolation.

Sabaku, supporters of the shogunate

The game takes place in the Bakumatsu era, at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, which ruled Japan about 250 years. Obviously, the game will have forces that will want to maintain the power of the centralized shogun. Among the characters of the Sabaku faction, we will find:

  • Naosuke AI-Prime Minister of the shogunate and lord of the Khocon clan, collaborates with Western forces and opens Japan to the outside world. A lover of tea and poetry, he is an experienced warrior, known as the Red Demon II, and among martial arts his specialty is. His weapon is Katana Hiroyuki Ring.
  • Taka Murayama – Geisha from the entertainment region of Miyozaki in Iokogam, having connections with Kyoto. Known for its wit and melancholy appearance.

Tobaku, opponents of the shogunate

In contrast to the Sabaku fraction, we find the Tobaku fraction, also consisting of:

  • Ryoma Sakamoto – Ronin (samurai without the owner), belonging to the Tos clan. He is frank, searches for the right method of action, is the master of the fencing school of Hokusin-Tito-Ryu, as well as an experienced shooter from Western weapons. His katana – Mutsunoki Yoshiyuki.
  • Kogoro Katsura – the feudal lord of the clan Tyosyu, compassionate, careful, calm and the mentor of the youth of his clan. Unfortunately, he loves sake too much. His katana is Bisen OsaFuna Kiyomitsa.

Obie, residents of the West

As already mentioned, during this period, residents of the West (primarily the United States) forcibly opened the coasts of Japan. The most important Western representatives will be: