Warhammer 40,000: Darktide demonstrates a new carnival zone in a cinematic trailer

Noting the first part of the anniversary renewal of the cooperative shooter Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, the developer Fatshark released a new cinematic trailer, demonstrating the storyline of the new Termener zone presented in the update – carnival.

A cinematic trailer introduces us to many new antagonistic forces that seem to be a group of incredibly well -organized heretics, headed by a certain Wolfer. The trailer becomes a kind of mission briefing for players in which players are invited to enter the carnival to fight new enemies.

I played enough, all the Persians are pumped out, all the guns are knocked out, the difficulties are also, the difficulties are all turned a thousand times, all the branches are tasted, I know what I’m writing about.

Unfortunately, the game was killed tightly with this patch, turned into "You do not play a noob with this, you need to play with this weapon, always with these perks (shiny) and always in such a branch" It would seem that the game is full of weapons, different modifications of weapons, some cargans and lazgans of options 6-7 and out of useful 1-2, the rest of the garbage, nonsense, people buy the game and want to enjoy the expirence, and not get rid of the next meta. Classes are castrated in the literal and figurative sense and can not boast of anything like this, unlike Verma 2.

Psiker-Tah, Sienna, is only trimmed by 60-70%

Ogrin is the same bardin only cut as a tank by 70% and as a Damager by 70%, amazing yes?

Loof my respect, castrated fanatic from Verma 2, without all bonuses, in the other branch, a castrated shadow of a huge damage in the back.

A terrible class veteran, that there was a Revorka that after.

The outfits do not know what people need, what classes need for a comfortable game, how to correctly increase the difficulty in the game, do not know the feeling of the back of the game:/ for Ogrin, which gives 3 strong attacks in one simplest mob to kill it strongly.