A player with the lowest level of Diablo 4 without any problems switched to the 4th level of the world

In Diablo 4, your main goal, in addition to the destruction of hordes from the underworld, is the search for powerful legendary equipment from monsters and bosses to become even stronger. Especially for this purpose, a system of levels of the world was implemented in the role action, which reflects both the complexity of the battles and the value of prey. The highest and most difficult level of the world at the moment remains the 4th, where to go earlier than 70-level will be a rather difficult task. However, recently it was possible to do this with a player with the lowest character level.

For Reddit user under the nickname Drokarx, the transition to the 4th level of the world was a fairly simple task. He was able to reach the most difficult level of the game with the most valuable prey, having a character of only 3rd level. To do this, he needed to go through the plot campaign for another character. After that, he created a completely new hero and took advantage of the possibility of missing the main quests and was able to freely explore the game at the 3rd level.

The main problem when switching to the 4th level of the world for it was a particularly complex dungeon, intended for players at least 70th level and is mandatory for passing to activate the most complex world. Drokgarx could not go through him alone, so he took advantage of the cooperative mode Diablo 4 and invited a high -level friend. His comrade almost alone passed his dungeon, after which the hero of the 3rd level was able to immediately switch to the 4th level of the world.

A character of such a low level on this complexity is experiencing serious problems, as the user notes. According to him, at the 4th level of the world, any monster attack can become a fatal for him. However, if you do not die, in just 10 minutes you can pump your character up to 30 levels and get a powerful equipment with the necessary properties.

Technically, what Drokgarx did is not a violation of the logic Diablo 4. Nevertheless, Blizzard can introduce restrictions on this scheme so that users can not pump the character levels so quickly and receive equipment.