The VG247 edition has chosen the game of the year – this is not Baldur’s Gate 3

The publication VG247 recognized Alan Wake 2 The game of the year. The authors devoted a special video to the YouTube Corner.

Alan Wake 2 was nominated for The Game Awards in several nominations at once and received three figurines. However, in the main category – “Game of the Year” – the victory went to Baldur’s Gate 3.

Earlier, the IGN publication published its personal result, where The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom became the game of the year, ahead of Baldur’s Gate 3, Alan Wake 2 and other nominees.

The game of the year 2023 Baldur’s Gate 3 chose the publication and this is not VG247. Whoever knows what VG247 is ?

Bageling to the noun, who will need their 10/10

Why not. Also excellent.
I really xs what kind of publication is this.

Well, at least somewhere this overvalued step-by-step boredum did not won, already pleases! And then everyone is worn with her, as if it were some kind of game of the century, and in fact a regular game, saturated with a summons for LGBTshniks, still with outdated isometry and no one needs a cube. The same Alan Wake 2 is much more interesting and more beautiful, which I completely passed, unlike this semi -strategy, which I demolished in 10 minutes!

I sneaked a wake after an hour of the game, or you need to endure this boring and then there will be an action?

The action starts two hours after the start, and before that there is a study of locations and the mechanic of the game. And the battles themselves in this game are very dosed, you can skip this game lovers of all kinds, it is not about battles with monsters, in it the plot is in the foreground and the atmosphere.

You would better play a dishwasher in the simulator.

There should not be an action every second)

Yes, how dare they? In the game, everyone was satisfied! There are gays, and lesbian, zoofilia even. maybe pedophilia is not enough (or it is there)?

If you have a bear, then I have one question: why did you romance a halsin?

You confuse me with someone

In the Inquisition, Gaia was forcibly shoved to you in Pati, and his personal quest was necessarily devoted to the protection of minorities, without variability. This is the agenda.
In Balda you are given freedom. This is a role -playing game.

Vampire in Baldur – gay, or omnivorous, xs as tolerant of it to call him. I also played from the beta and I remember that they are forcibly thrust it in Pati. And after all, he climbs to GG, m. Although you can not talk to him.
The Inquisition is exactly the same situation. WITH Its helped the messenger/chi will be able to get the temporary amulet of Alexius and return back, after which it will be possible to solve, take Dorian to the Inquisition or not.
In extreme cases, you can also not talk to him. And if you familiarize yourself and read on the Internet, you can find out that it does not pronounce its beliefs and its HO is not associated with the protection of minorities, but purely with personal affairs. Or with another woman, you can also not take it in a party. (But this is precisely what is the problem in my opinion. People turn their relationships into a circus and conduct propaganda, instead of living for themselves and not touching others. And no one will touch you if he does not know anything, well)

Here you have "The game of the year". In both games you can choose you want it or not. Here you have "Liberty" choice – yes, no or perhaps. Transvestites truth to remove from "Games of the year" It is impossible, they are found in any case. And what is in "the game of the year" Directly when creating a character, you can accidentally switch to trance. Uhhh. Oh, this freedom does not mean this word.

Yes, there are hetero, and gays, and lesbians, and bi, figure out, just like in life. And none of them forces you one of them. Sleep with whom you want by mutual agreement or not sleep, at least overwhelm the whole camp.

It’s just that local retardam is not aware that people can like both a bastard and a lot of other games at the same time, there can be only one game of the year for them – a bald, otherwise for a rebellion for a riot. I am delighted from Wate and I am playing Balda and I sit and buzz

Why not

I don’t like Alan Wake 2? It is your right. The game is more or less without bugs, beautiful and plot (in which day with fire now). Well, did not understand or did not like the plot, then why so much negativity to fly around. You knew very well that you were buying.

This is she without bugs? And the fact that the game is loaded of textures is hell for your eyes at all confuses you? Or is it different?

there is a load only when you turn on the card. Personally, I have it. Maybe you already have an old system.
Personally, I’m like a version 1.12 passed and did not encounter bugs

The game must be set on SSD!

And in your opinion I put it on the antediluvian Winchester or something? I generally got rid of HDD and completely switched to SSD. And this game was tested on RTX 3080. You also say that it was necessary to test it on RTX 4090.

I had no problems with textures on NVME + 3070. 2 times passed the game

How many of these editions of others divorced, every second one chooses the game of the year

I will probably open your eyes, but there are quite a lot of large game publications in the world, and I do not know the laws by which they do not have the right to compile their top games!

Typical and corrupt magazines, loving low -quality and shower games like AW2. I tried to play this stuffy and extremely dull game like Alan Wake, I barely mastered this game, I wanted to sleep hard. Gameplay is not interesting, the characters are dull, the story is all -hearted, and the gameplay is very monotonous. Play this, it means not to appreciate time and your nerves.

So you do not value your time and the nerves once passed this supervisor until the end.Well, who should do this shit warning the rest for them to abstain from the passage of this.

People went through the game clean to beat off the money spent. I do the same.

Similarly, we can say about the BG 3 – a dull step by step, but some editions gave it to the Drisne game of the year, why you do not open your mouth there or any opinion that is different from yours ?

Hmm..This is the same as buying food in conservatives, but she turned out to be expired, but through I can’t and not want to get her out because it is a pity.Good luck to you hawnee.

From expired canned food you can give the soul to Allahu.

Let them keep in the course.

The publication myself chose me by the game of the year Rimworld in the spring and The Binding of Isaac in the fall, and 7 days to die in winter. Estimates 40 out of 10.

The creators of the rubberka to write a plot would take Sam Lake, his script with a gameplay of the rubber would like to see

Baldur Gate 3 – Game of the year according to folk users

This is a shame on the gaming industry, shows what gamers omitted by LGBTR now

Anyway, omitted here. There is no obvious skew in LGBT themes in the game. Partners – bisexuals.

I will save you until you grew up with bisexual, thinking that it is normal, unlike PID. gamies.
This is also non-Nor-mal-but.

fi, ordinary passing almost corridor action with tiny horror elements.
What place is this game of the year I don’t understand at all.

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