The appearance of Abby from The Last of US 2 again became the subject of disputes. Initially, she looked completely different

The recent announcement of the remister of The Last of US Part 2 caused new disputes among fans of the game from Naughty Dog. This time, the subject of the dispute was the differences between the original and final designs of the character of Abby.

The second part of The Last of US caused a lot of controversy among fans of the series, and the echoes of some plot solutions still do not subside. Due to the choice of scriptwriters, the character of Abby became one of the most hated in the entire series, but everything could be different, as evidenced by original concept arts who are now experiencing a second youth on the network.

They depict a completely different Abby than the one that eventually embodied in the game. The authors of many comments under a special post on Reddit believe that the original design was more similar to "Ellie’s dark reflection", which, in their opinion, would make it better to influence the perception of the plot. Many also believe that the more compact image of Abby, presented on the old sketches, adds some gloom and depth to her.

However, there were no interesting arguments in defense of the final design of Abby, as well as without the attacks of fans on others "orientation towards the attractiveness of the character". As is usually in network discussions, more and less substantial statements come across, but the topic is quite entertaining. Players, for example, are wondering whether it is possible and is it possible to maintain such an athletic physique in the post -apocalyptic world.

Some also note that the appearance of Abby does not change little in the perception of this character, since her role in the plot of The Last of US Part 2, in fact, does not in advance her dislike from the fans. Maybe the situation would be somewhat different if we were introduced to the plot line of the game in a slightly different way, but for such changes, perhaps, it’s already too late.

Abby became the same Abby obviously after the amendments of Anita Sargsyan. Drakmann there clearly just nodded his head for everything))

Dragman there clearly simply pushed rolls on everything*

Well, given that they are friends (or what is there? I already forgot), I will not be surprised if in fact everything was so

How will it come to a PC. I think it will be fixed by one of their first mods.

It seems to me that many other female characters also need to be corrected.

I would play with such a mod.

As for the developed physical muscles in conditions of food shortage in the post -apocalypse – if you decided to sway in such conditions, if you were a man or a woman, you would be the first to throw you out of this camp and they would say – here you have a bottle of water, a knife, drove, swing, swing , get it yourself and eat there for three, if you can

Oh my God! How beautiful Abby is in her original concept. And how is she a wretched in the final version. What the expanses thought when they spoiled the appearance of Abby?

Mistakes. The appearance of the character is the first thing players pay attention to. Even if the role in the plot is purely villainous or some kind of unpleasant, it is much more pleasant to play when this trouble looks beautiful. Not the way she looked in the game in the end.

She was guessed purposefully. Even Joselin Mettler with whom she was painted, looks better than an ebinator.

Than she is "wretched". – On the contrary, fresh. It looks interesting. – Normas. The main thing is not to be alena, children.

There is still Frankenshtein 🙂 The face is from one, the body from some Powerliftershoa 🙂

Look at the pictures of the smooth ones, surprised, but Abby will even have less shoulders

Yes, only Abby is not right. If it looks like a fluke, then the floodplain.

The appearance of Abby does not change much in the perception of this character, since her role in the plot of The Last of US Part 2, in fact, condemns her in advance from the fans. Maybe the situation would be somewhat different if we were introduced to the plot line of the game in a slightly different way, but for such changes, perhaps already

The essence. This is just the lazy, ladder of the Dramaan and his girlfriend Sargsyan, seasoned with aggressive marketing with the idea that if for some reason you do not like this character and his motivation, then you are by default a toxic white misogin-envelope, Transfob and fascist. This was built literally the entire PR TLOU2 when the game came out and the ratings pierced the bottom.

Yes: EBBU deliberately made a masculine terminator to even more wound up a man, but even if she looked like Margot Robbie, Joel’s drain would still remain the most disgusting and mediocre example of agents in the history of video games. There is no excuse for this shame a priori, it is just an antithesis of creativity. This is what art turns into when it becomes a hand to promote leftist ideology.

TLOU2 should be officially decanized, all copies of the game are destroyed, and the rights to Title are transferred to another studio, ready to take up the development of the right sequel.

In general, this is the trouble of all the completed plots. Now, whatever it has decided that it was possible to break literary rules, which have been formed for centuries and all of the shelupon has long been showered as a failed. But now the stupid top managers with the lack of education are not familiar, and are sure that if it brought profit for the first time, it will bring more, the main thing will invest in an advertisement. As a result, even such as Cameron with their second avatar, Cho already talk about dudes is simpler. So who get out of how they can, shinging all sorts of game. Black PR is also PR, and also makes a profit what no no. )

The game in which the Orthodox believer Dina is a lesbian and protects faith in God, at the request of which in orthodox Judaism, she should be scored by stones to death for the fact that she is a lesbian . This says a lot about the intellect of the author of the plot of Jew Nile Drakman .

In fact, there are no problems with this. In reality, just a full of such brainless fanatics that protect their stupid religion, for which they are not worthy of life.

So in any case, why these broken ganduras will not undertake all the same will all be bogged down with their stubborn summons, each corner must be sucked out.

Well, as it were.. It’s not about the actress.. So here is the girl with whom they painted. And she is pretty.

She has games, she probably stole in children.

I don’t understand what the actress has to do with it. and/or girl whose appearance was partially used in creating a character? This topic discuss exclusively game characters, and not living people who are related to the creation of these characters. it is appropriate to discuss actors when it comes to the series. there many are not enthusiastic about the appearance of the actress who took the role of Ellie. This actress is hated for her appearance even more than the character of Abby from the game.

Despite the fact that no matter what a sketch or actress was, we would still receive a pumped -out -handed character at the exit. If the actress’s appearance has spoiled, then the character from the original sketch would also be shut down in the same way

Here is the perfect Abby for The Last of US 2 🤣🤣🤣

Before swinging, Abby was prettier than a penny of Ellie

Everything is logical: post -apocalypse, no bread, you have to choke on anabols.

Another one, he didn’t play the game or played looking at any place, but not with his eyes

If the game looks like this, then even playing it makes no sense- it is clear that it is guess.
However, from a brief description of the plot, it is also hung out by propaganda fictitious "female power".

So there is even a strawberry there

Part 2 created for homosexuals

Latent something?)

Moreover, for passive, such as Dracman.
A strong man, regardless of orientation, will not appreciate this.

There from appearance the crap of the script and characters will still not change. Appearance simply adds a fierce crunge.

Cool image and art

looked like a person. and not like a buchikha with a pinos instead of a clitoris.

And note, these two cool Madam are protagonists, and Abby is an antagonist. It’s just funny to look at the still torn asses from the most strokeled way to depict a negative character XDXDXD Drakmann Genius if it could create this

There are no protagonists or antagonists in TLOU2, as there are not them in the masterpieces of cinema "Apocalypse Now" Coppoles or "Full Metal Jacket" Kubrick. What is the meaning of the game, what the author wanted to say?

Nevertheless they know what has been going on in the Middle East for more than half a century? And that Neil Drakmann was born in Tel Aviv? In history – a large and fat allegory for the Israeli -Palestinian conflict. This is even shown twice: at first the main characters, then more obvious – wolves and scars. A fully militarized contingent with all modern weapons against religious fanatics armed "sticks and stones". Where everyone in turn says that "We are good, they attack us". Invisible for wolves "Heavenly bridges" Shramov is an obvious hint of underground tunnels under gas. Even Fedra has its own real prototype in the person of Britain. And in general, this whole story of Ellie/Abby about forgiveness and an endless cycle of revenge, which is as similar as possible to the tragedy in the Middle East, where the conflict goes on for so long that it can no longer stop, until everything is burned, as they do in the game (well, And what is happening in reality now). And all this conciliatory finale is essentially the sublimation of the author and the desire for conflicting aspects to stop violence in life.

90% of gamers do not see this and do not understand this, because in their mass and head of IXBT they are not erudite, not enormous, and generally not educated.

As for me, the image that in concepts looks better in terms of the plot, I would generally make such a plot. Ebbi avenges his father, Joel and, during the plot, is constantly trying to attack him, but he fails, but does not give up, meanwhile, Joel and Ellie are doing some important matter, as in the first part that would affect the whole world ( The first could invent the medicine of Ellie’s Doneters), along the way Joel and Ellie understand why Ellie is trying to kill Joel, Joel begins to bite his conscience, but he cannot leave Ellie and therefore tries to complete the case and at the end of the life, Joel will give himself to kill himself. This is a matter and a conscience that killed Father Abby, or not, it is all that it is seasoned with dialogues and all that, and not the town nonsense that was ultimately made and which is called the plot, because the meaning in the first part was that Joel was made in the first part Fasten to Ellie to such an extent that the world was condemned for slow death, that is, one person influenced all of humanity. And in the 2nd, well, some have shoved with others, the others, the second, loved and any other nonsense that could be written in any setting, and not just post-apocalypse from a zombie. It’s just that, as for me, the plot is written based on the capabilities of the setting, it is impossible to write the plot of Mass Effect in the setting of our time, because it is fantasy about flights to other planets, relations of different races and so on, that is, you can somehow adapt, but by reading simply plot, you understand that this is fantastic, but read the plot of TLOU2, it is not clear this at all about what? This is somewhere in the country where the anarchy occurs, it is post-apocalypse, it is a zombie apocalypse? Yes, xs to be honest, this is the main and main problem of the game in my opinion.

Oh, oh well – they still know that in the post -apocalyptic zombiepocalypse, the survivor can always find time to practice in the gym, simultaneously burned with handfuls of steroids.

So you do not need to be surprised at all the butterflies there, who simultaneously crept with one hand with a gorilla, and the other bear.

It is modified, in the gateway.

The game itself is a failure! Lesbians and female characters similar to men, and there is nothing.

Everything is saturated with feminism there. Ellie does not take revenge with Tommy (who for a minute Joel’s brother), but with Dina. Dina is generally some kind of random Persian, introduced into the plot crookedly and stupid. If she had leaned back, then everyone would have won. What is the meaning of it in the plot? Talk about pregnancy and insert a scene with a kiss? If the plot of Ellie went to take revenge with Tommy, it would be much more interesting. It would be possible to insert flashbacks from their life to the apocalypse. After all, they showed flashbacks with a trip to the zoo for the birthday of Ellie and other moments. Why not do the same, but with Tommy. Ebby plot is generally dark. In this game, graphone, animations and impact from weapons are chic. And for the plot, thanks Haley Gross.

If by feminism, then normal, where women are really independent, and not parasitized on alens.

Not feminism, but mucosure. And hidden envy of the male mind and strength, and to beautiful women.
I am sure that if Anita Sargsyan were younger and more beautiful, then she would have jumped on the daddies at night, and in the afternoon they chatted about feminism, like Hollywood stars.

Well, you are right in principle, except that you are in vain beautiful. They are even worse. And they jump for money, in families, that being keptians, that as a courtesan. And, that this is not phyminism, about which they are ballet, it is clear, a brother, a brother.

Game top, plot is also normal. Apparently you just told the blogger that the game is bad, this often happens when people have no opinion 🙂

Such an Abby with the concept of art more! But her story and the struggle sucked from her finger spoil her, now if she was at the level of Tess, then everything could be different in the series, but it turned out that it turned out what happened!

There was no sense in the second part, it was a finished story. If Dracman wanted the second part to work, then it was necessary to do the entire second part about Abby in which at the very end she meets Joel and give the player a choice.

I’m xs what the dispute is about.. as a onlook from the side, not playing this game I will say that I see.. In the first case, this is a killer cyborg, a beast from Cyberpan, just a woman on the Storaids, and it feels like she eats those who killed..

In the second case, this is just a gloomy character.. where you can’t say in appearance, it is positive, or negative.. but only the fact that he is gloomy..

I think the scene on a boat (Abby with a friend) put everything in place.

maintain such an athletic physique in the post -apocalyptic world

Of course you can, she constantly rubs her friend

Yes, how do not look this girl, one well -aimed blow to the end – a strong woman independently lies on the floor :))) Real strong women will not drop to direct aggression, as we sometimes do it.

Only stupid fantasies of authors require masculine women with clubs.

Ebbi Slender, compared to such

So because minor fainting watch only anime and do not know what is happening around, and then all their lives alena. On the run by females. Ah, Abby – just a few lettuce.

. AND "A little" On steroids.
Try to go to fitness clubs. There are women with big priests, but you can’t meet women with big hands.

What?? Wipe and shit your shifts! Although, however, what your years. If in your "Fitness clips" no one of such nem, then Yetube to help. It is clear that there are few such letters, especially in UK, and in all of Eastern Europe, where it is customary to ride Alena, where women, even unpretentious, in a constant search for a bastard method, are accepted by women.

And you did not think how the ideas about beauty are formed?
A beautiful female in any biological form (in t.h. in humans) consider healthy, capable of enduring and feeding healthy offspring. But at the same time, real, therefore, women with boobs 7 sizes from anime, or with muscles like Ebbi, are excepted only fetishists.
For example, wide hips in women help in childbirth. And the muscles of men attract women, because it is the perfect alpha, a defender and breadwinner.
Therefore, women instinctively flow according to gopniks who beat everyone and have everyone, even if they realize with reason that with such "Alfoy" Do not build a family

I am to the fact that if women with the body of Abby appeared naturally, then the muscles would be perceived as "Dominant sign" .

For those who looked at the development sketches directly in the game 3 years ago, this is not news.

On this principle of sawing articles – we can also make the news that Joel had to initially be even more cruel.

To be honest, you absolutely do not give a damn about its appearance. A pretty face (for me personally) would not have changed the hostile attitude. Yes, and the second part of the saline from illogical delirium and wretched plum of the main character. I love a very first game, I don’t perceive the second.

Agree. But if the development was led by a heterosexual man, and not Dracman, then there would be neither Abby nor the stupid plum of Joel.

Lastukha 2 In terms of the plot and characters, the complete disgust (Sargsyan sucked) but the gameplay and the battleship in the game is gorgeous, for the best of many, even now.

Only RDR 2 can compose competition

RDR 2 in terms of plot 10 Oscars deserves and Lastukha 2 for his plot deserves only to be fired with the pose of the one who wrote it.

I’m talking about the fight, uncle.

Although the plot of 2 flalls went more to me more than in the RDR.

Sleeping, if it is your plot who came up with flippers 2 more than RDR2, then I have nothing to talk about with you.

Like me actually with you.

I saw this of your Abby only in memes, and those without the concept of who it is and how in the game
But in the concept art I see that they wanted "Sew" Her obsession with something or someone

Wow, wow, the concept has changed during the development, never happened

PPC of course a radical change of appearance from concept to release.

Racks generally with the game gamed gamers in the mouth. Who swallowed, he swallowed

Who pretended, he swallowed.
Never bring money before the release!

You need to make this face from a screenshot to the dictionary as a designation of a word "Surrounding"

Of course, people are all different, and it is really right to judge people not by appearance, but by acts, this probably understand the majority, however, the fact that the appearance does not categorically disagree, the main character is Ellie, albeit a lesbian, outwardly she is a beautiful girl but the main villain – Abby, although not a lesbian, is more like a pumped man than a girl, of course everyone has different tastes, but I think most will agree with me that Ellie, like a girl, looks more pretty. Now imagine that the main villain would be much more beautiful than Ellie, and would be 3-4 younger than her year and physically weaker. In this case, there would be much more people on her side, but of course no one would say that they were on her side, that they feel sorry for her because of her appearance, because she would be younger and weaker, everything would They talked about how badly Joel did, killing her father, and that she was not a villain at all, that she only took revenge on her father, and did not kill Ellie when she came to save him, although she could, but in the case of this appearance, on Abby, on This people do not pay attention. Many, probably, even most players, are sorry that this Abby cannot be killed, but if she were more beautiful than Ellie, younger and weaker than her, and Ellie would have killed her, and even somehow bloody, then the vast majority of players would consider a villain Ellie, not Abby. Although, of course, few people admit that they are judged by people and are experiencing them in the first place because of their appearance.

That so vomit, what is so. The agenda shit.

to someone like, but I like Abby more (like a character) she is much better than Ellie (what was done to her in the second part. )

and her appearance is suitable, but yes. deliberately "peasant" maybe this is a vision of the authors, or maybe following "The story"

This is for sure, she spared these fools 2 times, but the frantic lesbian blood could not find calm if Abby had not been so exhausted in the finale, she would have tore Lesbia

And the better then?) The crowd was scored by one person, and then they did not shut up, how great he died in his blood. Even a pregnant doctor, who, in principle, should be against violence (due to his profession), gloated. Abby and her community do not cause any sympathy. They are all fucking there. Of all her gang, only the dog was sorry)

If there was a desire to show a physically strong girl, then it would be worth taking the same Nadine, no less combat, but at the same time not devoid of feminine features. And so is certainly the original option looks much more interesting.

Damn it, everything could be much cooler. What is.

Incredibly vile and terrible character.

Perhaps the appearance, this is the last thing to find fault with this game.

This is not about the fact that her appearance is bad, but that she does not cause pity.

Why should it cause "a pity"? An early design of drug addicts? It seems to me that a different meaning was initially laid here, and the problem itself lies in the clumsy scenario in which the screenwriter could not convince the player of correctness or at least partial justification of her actions.

If she were more beautiful, younger and weaker than the main character, she would be sorry for the majority of the players, due to the fact that she is more like a pumped man than a girl, players do not pay attention to the fact that her dad was a doctor, who could create a vaccine from the virus and save all of humanity, and Joel shot him, she killed Joel for a reason, she took revenge on his father! Ellie, who came to save Joel, she let go, but despite this, most players hate her and would like to kill her. And at the same time they say that it is not for appearance. Ellie’s desire can be taken to take revenge, Joel became her like her own father and he saved her life, she loved him as his own father and did not know that he killed Father Abby, learning the whole truth Ellie could forgive Abby and keep her life, but the players even having learned all this truth, they would like to kill Abby. Most players have much concentrated on her appearance so much that they do not pay attention to the motive of her actions at all.

And why all this text is from the captain of the obviousness? How it correlates with my message?

To the fact that the justification of her actions is obvious – having killed the pre -el, she took revenge on him for her own father! Well, then Ellie was already looking for her to kill her out of revenge for Joel, you don’t like the script with something.

The scriptwriters dodge this way and that, so that at least one of these two lesbians would look like a man)))

Abby is not a lesbian!

In this case, the Axiom Escobar is applicable.

Of course, I did not play the game, but Abby was there for the main villain as I understood, and it is quite difficult to have power among men when you are a fragile girl, albeit very angry or cruel. The final appearance is fully justified.

This is not about that, we are talking about that some believe that the appearance does not affect the attitude to the character, most players would like at all to be able to kill Abby in the final! And I’m sure that first of all it is because of her appearance, well, such an appearance does not cause pity. but it would be more beautiful, younger and weaker, everyone would have spared her. And if Ellie killed her at the end, they would generally believe that the villain Ellie, not Abby.