The first reviews about the closed beta version of Skull and Bones are not at all positive

Skull and Bones is in the stage of closed beta testing, but the first reviews of beta testers are not at all positive. Moreover, some of them stated that they threw the game ahead of time, without using six hours allotted on it.

Skull and Bones – a complex project born as a spin -off Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. For ten years of development, he was transferred eight times. At the moment, the release date is scheduled for February 16, 2024.

However, those who managed to try out a closed beta seem to be not at all happy. It all started with a message on Reddit, in which the Achilleasa user said that he had abandoned the game after the first hour, because it was very boring.

The description does not cause enthusiasm, since this is a kind of walking simulator with mediocre dialogs, at least at the beginning.

You spend time watching boring rollers, endless dialogs between NPC and the performance of tasks. This is literally a walking simulator". At some point, you are thrown into the craft menu for no reason. I don’t want to build a gun. I still do not know what kind of items are. Let me play.

Many others have joined his comment, and at the moment there are already many more comments and 11 thousand likes to the post. Many supported the words of Achilleasa, claiming that they played the game less time, and explaining that the game still has some problems from the beta version of two years ago, despite the fact that the developers were already reported about them.

let it go out as soon as possible and everyone will finally forget about her

Not well, the idea is great. But only the game was made so much lazily and with a huge note of the fuck*Risma that I agree with you.

The anniversaries could not just make the game like Corsarers, because there was a perfect recipe. No, you have to be sure .

At some point, you are thrown into the craft menu for no reason. I don’t want to build a gun. I still do not know what kind of items are. Let me play.

The hike was less than half an hour in the game was.

So these are a typical mechanics of playing with the ships Naval Action and World of Sea Battle

Pirates do not engage in craft and collecting resources of pirates for boarding and simply rob Black Flag and Sea of ​​Thieves all this is without any downloads

Pirates do not do much, but here ordinary MMO mechanics.

So that’s why it’s not interesting.

What is interesting for you there – you did not play the game and did not see, but the opinion made up that Batlpas and Donat were introduced there.

Because it will be so. Experience tells

but I liked it, the hunt is to fully see what will happen in the end. Of the minuses, this is a boot simulator. The silent noun is a hero, since there are dialogs and chatting, there will be a lot to farm, but for me this is not a minus. but in general.

What I liked -the graphic graphic and cool world, the fighting is better than in the flag flag.

Most importantly, I hope there will be English. Usually anniversary and beta in English did.

So this is in the end? There is a single passage, plot or is it purely online jerk?

Plot quests, principles, world events. Swim, rob cows in short.

A player in the world with other players swims. you can even in a coope. As a result, this is online jerking off. gathering from the islands as for me is complete, and battles between NPS or norms players. It is still difficult to say about the plot, there are mission to give.

Thank you, I understand, then by

Battleship? I mean shooting ships?

At some point, you are thrown into the craft menu for no reason. I don’t want to build a gun. I still do not know what kind of items are. Let me play.

The whole essence of Stupid West Gamer

The fact that this will be noble absrams for a long time already clear to everyone, something else is interesting, that they will make anniversary

Yabi themselves should sue?)) They already stuck a whole bunch there.

Not the Singapore government itself, t.To. They allocated money from state. treasury

Well, they will release something and that’s it. They will say the experiment obviously unsuccessful.

As far as I remember, based on the news when there was 2 or 3 transfer (there it was even like a question about canceling), the scandal was PPC, why they could not cancel and had to cut this corpse to this day

And regarding the closure of other heaps of projects, they are not on the franchise of third -party and not from the submission of someone in terms of financing

And what, someone seriously counts on a suitable project?

I looked at the stream on it – well, a typical mobile arcadian in terms of gameplay, and when it comes to visiting land, it turns into a shower MMO, where you are filled with dull tasks, so alas, so far nothing is better about pirates and ships and ships have not happened and the ships have not come out and Not expected

The news was written as if this result was supposed to surprise.

Nothing that this game was essentially a year ago otter?

The game is like gangrene among the Jubishis, but they stubbornly and with love wrapped it with her leaflets of plantain and puffed a mint oxide..

I personally liked Beta. One of the most beautiful and exciting games about pirates and warships. Without even possessing English, they could go through Beta with his brother and enjoy the cooperative, casual, customization of the character, locations of ground walking on the islands and searching for treasures. for which they give good awards – the form of parts of customization of the ship, character. drawings of new guns – like Mortars, flameters, prototype Soviet Katyusha. In Bete, they gave them to swim in the African archipelago, the balance with finances kept me perfectly, so you do not need to grin a lot, they give coins for every movement in the game, accumulating on ships it was easy and quickly you can make a hold of hold with other players, equipment, food , metal . surprised that 6 hours were enough for everything .

There are two volts – 1) ordinary coins – clothes, drawings, metals, boards, tacing, boat guns, animals, team clothes,

2) fangs like? For smugglers from some, some of the islands for the principles are issued for additional. missions. They are spent from them.

but commentators are right about the boot simulator, this usually happens before loading dialogs with merchants. boarding occurs without loading, hunting for the stomach of the shark kit hippopotes. The cooperative with the players passes satisfactorily, there were no fantastic creatures at least in the trailer were

System characteristics of computers for which they played:

1kopm: 1050 Ti 4GB/1TB/i5 10400F/16GB 2666GHZ/10-9 Full HD Monitor = 56-68 FPS Medium Grafic Setting

2COP: 2060 SUPER 8GB/ 1TB Western Blue/ i5 9400f/ 16gb/ Smasung 25* Full HD 10/9 = 60-74 FPS HIGH GRAFIC SETING

Verdict game can be purchased if you like a romantic pirate setting, a lot of warm gamut, ships on ships like in Black Flag 4 or the fact that you dreamed of a multi -budget game about a magnificent series of corsers, rob, exchange, bargain. We can find it all in Skull and Bounce. There are seas of thieves in this genre and something similar