The director of Lies of P believes that there should not be difficulties in Souls-like games

A couple of weeks left before the launch of Lies of P, the long-awaited Souls-like game from the Korean developer Neowiz Games. Lies of P attracted great attention to its demo version on Gamescom last year, having received awards at this event in the nominations “Best Adventure Game” and “Best Rhistle Game”. This year, the director of the game Choi Ji-Vong answered questions to journalists of interest. At some point, he touched the theme controversial for lovers of the genre-difficulty options.

“No, you cannot choose difficulty options in lies of p. We believe that in games like Souls there should not be options for complexity. We believe that the thoughtfulness of level design is one of the most attractive features of this genre, ”he said.

According to Choy, they never considered the possibility of choosing complexity levels in Lies of P. This is typical of the largest games of the genre, but with this position some game communities do not agree in terms of accessibility.

At the same time, Choi does not stand for the unavailable complex games. He previously stated that Lies of P was conceived as an exciting and not too complicated game. This is achieved due to the general design of the game, and not through the use of complexity options. Since in Lies of P P, much attention is paid to the narrative, the game was specially designed to be easier than other Souls-like games so that people can learn the game, and the difficulty is not such a serious obstacle.

Lies of P tells the story of the Humanoid Pinocchio, traveling through the steampunk setting and fighting with biomechanical creatures. Since the game draws inspiration from the classical literary fairy tale, a lies system that determines its finale will be built into it.

It was originally assumed that Lies of P will be released in August, but it was a little postponed to give Neowiz the opportunity to finalize the game. Lies of P will be released on September 19 at the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.