JumpLight Odyssey, Scientific and Fantastic Roguelike symbol of the colony in anime style, was released in early access

League of Geeks, developers of the famous Armello strategy and the upcoming Solium Infernum, released JumpLight Odyssey in early access in Steam. In honor of the launch of a colony’s horned simulator, the action of which takes place in space and inspired by the main genres and the classic science fiction anime of the 70s, a new trailer was released.

JumpLight Odyssey sends the players to a unique adventure on the spacecraft with the participation of Princess Evfora, Captain SDF Catalina. Players can move through stellar systems, trying to escape from Admiral Voltan and dangerous Zutopians in search of the legendary eternal star – a mythical new house far throughout the galaxy.

Early access JumpLight Odyssey makes it possible to look at this ambitious simulator of the colony for the first time, laying the foundation for the epic shoot of Princess Evfora through the galaxy. Manage resources, determine your leadership style and make important decisions as a captain to save Hope on board SDF Catalina. Players can configure and improve various “Catalina” decks, experimenting with various layouts in a completely new navigation mode for the genre, inspired by a series of books “Incredible cross sections”.

Early access also offers players the opportunity to create their own Odysses, allowing fearless captains to pass through and again, determining the main aspects, such as the starting resources of the game style, the condition of the ship, the crew and the length. Players can even determine their play style, including the “cold” mode, the cozy game process of JumpLight Odyssey, in which the Armada of Zutopan will never pursue you, or “restless”, where their persecution is inexorable and ruthless.

JumpLight Odyssey is already available in the early access of Steam with the support of languages ​​in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, English, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (simplified and traditional) languages. Versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S are planned to be released when it is fully launched.