Space Punks from the developers of the Shadow Warrior series will not leave the early access – the server will be closed

Flying Wild Hog and Jagex officially announced that support for Space Punks will end on November 6, 2023. This decision was made after both companies conducted a detailed analysis of market conditions and their long -term goals. Despite the complexity of this decision, it was recognized as necessary for their wider mission to create durable games.

The companies expressed gratitude to everyone who took part in the life cycle of the game, which covers the period from early access to open beta testing. Reviews of the players were recognized as invaluable in this process. In addition, special gratitude was expressed by the Space Punks team for devotion and hard work throughout the life cycle of the game.

As for the process of termination of sales, several dates and details were indicated. Intra -game store and access to the EPIC window will be disconnected on September 5, 2023. Subsequently, server support will be officially discontinued on November 6, 2023. As for the players’ accounts, they will remain active before the servers are turned off, which will give players the time to chat with friends and say goodbye.

In response to questions about the return of funds, it was confirmed that the players who made purchases are entitled to return funds through the Epic store. Detailed information about the process of returning funds can be found in the section "Updates" FAQ by the game.

In the future, Space Punks will not receive any updates, and the last update, called The Pretty One, is confirmed as the final. When asked about possible farewell events related to the closure of the game, it was stated that due to the complexity of the situation, such events will not be held.

Accordingly, this will affect the presence of the game in the network community. Reddit page and all SPACE PUNKS social networks will also be closed on November 6, 2023, which coincides with the total exit time of the game.

As for intra -game objects, the players will have access to them before the servers are turned off on November 6, which will allow them to receive maximum pleasure from the game before its last moments.

The companies expressed sincere farewell to the Space Punks community, known as Pathfinders, and said that they were looking forward to future adventures.