The submarine adventure Sirens for PC is announced

The developer Silent Lamb Studio and the publisher of Madmind Studio presented a new game for PC – Underwater adventure action Sirens. Become deadly siren and track down the most dangerous marine creatures that have ever swimming in the depths of the ocean. Make a fascinating journey around the world from the point of view of sirens at different stages of their evolution.

The concept of the game is based on the theory according to which the evolution of mankind at some point dispersed. A complex organism that decided to leave the ocean and conquer the lands was divided. Some species decided to stay in the water and develop there. Improving their physical bodies, these creatures began to show more and more traits typical of marine creatures, giving rise to humanoid mermaids, which never knew life on land that evolved under water.

Like people on the surface, mermaids also dominated the environment, becoming a dominant look, free from illnesses and wars. As long-lived creatures, the mermaids became more and more perfect, smart and skillful in hunting. Hiding from Homo sapiens, hiding in the depths of the ocean, in underwater caves, mermaids observe humanity, realizing that sooner or later there will be a confrontation to determine the dominant species.

Make a fascinating journey around the world from the point of view of mermaids at different stages of their evolution. Feel the horror of the prehistoric world, the times of great floods, battles with real and mythical creatures. Expand the secrets hidden at the bottom of the ocean depths.

In the role of a mermaid, go to the dangerous waters of the seas and oceans to affirm your dominance. Exercise the attacks of smaller creatures and fight with powerful bosses, constantly improving your characteristics.

Your trophies and found treasures will be used to modify your cave. Decorate, set up and adapt the appearance of the main hub in accordance with your style. Let the mermaid feel comfortable in his cave.

Unlock new skins for your mermaid, admiring how its appearance and ability for millions of years of evolution changes.

Fight with endless waves of enemies and survive as long as possible on the arenas. Discover their history and treasures buried under the ruins.