Gaijin Entertainment deleted the mention of Steam from the official War Thunder site after reinsumbobber

War Thunder players found that the game developer, Gaijin Entertainment, may have begun to delete links to the page of the Steam game after recent revumons. War Thunder – one of the most common and long -playing free games in the market – has a significant base of players on many platforms, but recently she has had problems.

In particular, War Thunder underwent Revubbing in Steam from its community: players placed tens of thousands of negative reviews after Gaijin Entertainment released a series of economic improvements. The players have been unhappy with the game monetization scheme for some time, and the last batch of economy updates slightly outweighed the scales, which the community did not like.

As a result of the bombardment, the War Thunder rating quickly dropped before the assessment "Mixed" on Steam, and it seems that Gaijin Entertainment is not too happy. War Thunder players found that Gaijin seemed to delete the mention of Steam from the official website of the game, what could be or not be an attempt to distance himself from negativity. If earlier on the War Thunder website it was indicated that the game is released on Steam, now most of the mentions of the platform have been deleted.

War Thunder is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

To solve the problem? Nah

Hide the problem? Yeah

Very liquid. Snail is digging a grave for itself. You can’t behave like that with your community.

Yes, they give a shit. Look at their other games. Everyone has already died from anal monetization.

Snail organs are located so that the ass is above the head. So in fact, a snail is cutting on his head. B-biology)

Better yet, stop playing everyone in this garbage and changes will roll back in an hour.

So there were posts about this in Steam. Type player strike. Come read)

Moreover, these hypocrites write tearful posts in themselves that they appreciate the opinion of the community so much, why do you use destructive methods, such as Revumbobing, because then there will be fewer newcomers (and we will not get loot) and other nonsense). Although even at the stage of preliminary information, Komyunity was already bombed noble from all possible places, but they did not even pay attention to this and released the renewal.

So they are hypocrites in a square. I don’t know who, after this, at least once in this garbage.

agree. For this, players are responsible for them "mutuality" Considering them slugs – reptiles.

This company is not when it does not listen to its game community, and creates for frequent full game, and the economy in "tundra" leaves much to be desired for a very long time.

So I abandoned playing, in this game, although it really liked it.

Duck themselves are to blame.

Trying to hide reviews, well, good luck to them.

The backbone of the players simply will not play and that’s it, as they have already fed their policy.

It’s time to remove this trash with PC

"released a series of economic improvements" – Improvements for whom? Obviously not for the players were these "improvements". From scratch this does not happen! 64 thousand angry reviews!

I was even wrong here. Already almost 80 thousand! And continues to grow.

"a little outplayed the scales bowl" – A little. A LITTLE. The one who wrote it at all in a quarrel of how and what is happening in the game and how the community reacts to it! This all lasts long five years! And you pro "A little". You know about the situation a little about the situation!

They began to remove Steam for another reason! There are more than 64k negative messages from players! You understand that this was not from scratch? And there is also a call to the general strike of the players War Thunder 26.05.2023. They offer everyone who does not agree with the behavior of the snail in relation to the community not to go into the game from this date!

Imagine a boiling point of the game community if such calls have more than 64 thousand angry reviews! With your community, you need to communicate directly and listen to it, draw conclusions from this! In fact, snails chose about 10% of their audience and communicate only with them, they prefer to ban on their forum, in all kinds of social networks and so on. Here you have the reactionary actions of the players in response!

Do not forget that the players bring you profit and they are those who play your project, which means that there should be a dialogue with them, and if you consider them gray, bichars and those who sit down the forum, you can get a small revolution with reactionary players in your game.

All this is due to the snail’s refusal to conduct a dialogue with its players since 2015.

Moreover, they fill the same game with the same players:

If we understand that the majority of the community does not want any update – we will immediately cancel it or do not introduce it.

Well then they rolled out the renewal when everyone was bombed for a renewal before it was released?

And so funny read against this background of their hypocritical words

If your goal is not to harm the game – please use other methods, less destructive. For example, Leave reviews on our forum, And the wishes specifically about the economy are waiting in the form of feedback.

Just epic clowns.)

Formal native! Well, not otherwise. "Feedback". The one who wrote there understands Coke is a useless place! Never, just never, they will hear players there. Groundings are lit up with a dozen forum trolls, so that it would always be lost on. And sometimes it was just deleted like spam!

My personal handling of a bug-report to a passing tournament. They just shook it. Real bug. I made everything as it should. silence. turned in support, silence, and then the advice on how to arrange a bug-report. In the end I go in a month, but my appeal is simply not! Link leads to an invalid page. That is, as such, there was a conversion, but it was just shown. Here you have "Feedback"! I perfectly understand those players who just exploded the Pukans because the snail did.

They have fun there) 80k for a short time. I don’t remember this for a long time large -scale, otherwise it may be completely dropped to the bottom. They have their own atmosphere apparently, the whole Horde of the Community gathered.

It will be funny if they even delete the game from Steam

Revubombing after economics))

If they leave Steam, then the earth is fluff. I don’t want to download the launcher separately and I won’t play (I know that by default the game in Steam with the launcher is going on, just Steam is convenient for me in many ways).

It is necessary to drop an assessment on this site.

Well, at least the changes have rolled out. Since, unlike the same Activision (we remember to Calder), to lose the audience for Gaijin can be a fatal blow. Now, let them really communicate with the players and everything will be fine with the game

I have been playing since 2012, and the outfits have not been listening to their players, in all 10 years there was no patch that would improve the game experience of the players, on the contrary, they only delayed the nuts, so do not expect that they will grow a patch where you will swim in silver and high from life, This is a business in the first place, so they will tighten the nuts but do it so that no one will notice it

Snails fools would have long made an arcade mode with CP and buried a jacket. And they are more and more screwed into the game, in which for a long time no one delayed.

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