Dungeons 4 received a laudatory trailer with positive press reviews

The Gloating Evil, together with the publisher of Kalypso Media and the Realmforge Studios developer, presented a laudatory trailer, which collected positive media reviews about the recently released strategy and dungeons 4 simulator – Dungeons 4.

The latest version of the Dungeons series beloved by fans started surprisingly well, having received a high rating and preserving the positive user rating in Steam, Xbox and PlayStation.

Dungeons 4 is already available with Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC, as well as for Xbox Series X | S, PC with Windows 11 and PlayStation 5.

It hurts "biting" The price tag for this game in Steam, given that there is no English voice acting. In the third part, this English voice acting turned out to be quite high quality.

Given how many publishers are not even added to the English publishers and the sale is forbidden, it is good that at least subtitles are.

There is in a gamest

The collections for voice acting have not yet begun? There is no desire to play without it.

Also the price of horseback.

Why is this game so praised? Already at the 3rd mission it became bored, the plot is banal. The most interesting game is the second.

As for me, the game rolled up. In the second part there was a quality parody with a good satire that all sorts of fantasy films and games of such a genre were greatly ridiculed, and now there is a continuous absurd banter over itself. And as they say: "Between the banter and delirium there is a very thin line". And they finally crossed this line that he personally grinds me. All sorts of Tanos in the game and other modern trends killed in me love and interest in Dungeons. The taste is probably.

Of the innovations, I only liked the waist. An interesting hero came out. Even in spite of the caricature children’s humor with her.

Sorry, I wanted to climb.

Well, yes, they raised the humor of the level of past parts to do, now it will rise because of such an.

In the second part, humor was relevant at the time of the release, when the thrones and tanuses in the trend were. Now it’s already like that.

I do not understand, this is a continuation of the dunzen Kiper or a separate game?

Separate game. Just stylistics is similar, because the outfits were precisely inspired by Dungeon Keeper.

Nichrome to yourself "Inspired". Stole everything out – so more correctly.

Given that the first part of Dungeons came out ten years later, after the release of the second Keeper, it is difficult to call plagiarism, since everything that was possible and the difference between these two games was more than noticeable was improved and finalized. Comparing graphony, plot, gameplay and so on.

It’s like the outfits of the bunker, the legend of legends and many other developments of the Genre Mob Games accused each other in theft.

"Excellent" The price for, one might say, niche game.

Look for all torrents of the country. Already lies, by the way.

Great game, especially pleases the expansion of the scale of cards in comparison with the past two parts. Well, the visual component at the height. I think that in the fifth part, the outfits will go further and allow AI to build their dungeons a la, good old Dungeon Keeper. About the jacks – I think it makes no sense to comment, there is a taste.

In general, we play with our wife and wait for the continuation of history)

I don’t understand why they will not make a random cards generator? And so, I went through the plot and that’s it ((

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