Valheim developers made an official statement about paid mods: “All mods should be free for everyone”

Iron Gate, developers of the game about the research and survival of Valheim, made an official statement about paid mods.

The developers oppose paid mods and would like all the authors of mods to make their mods free for all. They understand that a lot of time and effort is spent on this, but emphasize that the support of the authors of mods of money should be voluntary, and the collection of money "contradicts the creative and open spirit of modding as such".

Here is a complete appeal:

Recently, we have been getting a lot of questions regarding mods and the fact that we, as a company, are approved, as well as the fact that we do not approve. Therefore, we decided to clarify the situation a little.

First of all, although we do not have official support for mods, we are very glad to see that people are engaged in our game and create their own mods for her. We are very pleased that you want to be creative and add your own ideas! Iron Gate lack of official support of mods means that the creation and use of mods is carried out at your fear and risk, and that we cannot guarantee models of mods with new versions of the game.

However, we get most questions about the fact that mods are worth money. Of course, we understand that you spend a lot of time creating a mod, and that you may want to get financial compensation for this, but Iron Gate does not approve of the closure of modified content behind a paid wall.

We believe that the collection of money for mod is contrary to the creative and open spirit of modding as such, and therefore we urge all authors of mods to make our mods for free for everyone who wants to play in them. This should concern the entire fashion, and not just parts of the fashion available for free, while the other part of the mod is worth the money. If you want to express your gratitude to the author of the mod, you, of course, can support it with a voluntary donation, but we do not want payment to be a prerequisite for access.

In addition, we will be very grateful if the mods will clearly indicate that they are unofficial mods, both in the game and on any site where the mod is available. Sometimes entry into a dedicated server with a mod automatically causes modification of mod, and we just want to avoid confusion for players so that they can know whether they play a game with a mod or not. Valheim already has an appropriate function: you can simply include in the game a pop -up window that will tell the player that a mod is installed in his game.