In the Dying Light 2 zombie, a crossover with For Honor will be held

Gloomy zombie explosion game Dying Light 2: Stay Human with a first-person view of almost the whole year arranges unique intra-game events and crossovers, which cannot but delight the fans. Very little time remains until the end of the year, but the developers from Techland studio have another surprise for players. Soon, on the streets of Villedore, the main city of Dying Light 2, you can find knights, samurai and other powerful warriors from the medieval action for Honor.

Techland and Ubisoft officially confirmed that by the end of the year the players will be waiting for a large -scale Dying Light 2 crossover with For Honor. In the zombie explosion, one can find both friendly and not very medieval warriors who are ready to cut all zombies in their path, including the hero of the player. You will have to not only fight for survival, but also receive a reward for the murder of Varden, Kensseev and Berserkers who ended up in Villedor. Each of these groups has a different level of threat of attack, HP and damage, so each of them will be a separate task.

Those who are familiar with the history of For Honor know that these fractions are drawn into a fierce war, fighting for dominance on the map. Three factions of the game, having learned that the city of Villedor would give them a tactical advantage over opponents, believed that the last bastion of mankind would bring them victory. These warriors have seen thousands of battlefields, but nothing could prepare them for what was waiting ahead: hordes of zombies and one hard -to -captivable hero – you!

Having defeated 15 legendary forces for Honor, as a reward you can get the legendary Berserk ax and a drawing for its manufacture. This weapon will treat you when decapitating the enemy and cause bleeding in those who fall under the blade. In addition, in order to obtain the highest award, it is necessary to personally kill for a total of 30 For Honor soldiers; For this you will receive equipment "Berserker" and paraglider. And finally, having united into a community of soldiers and killing 5,000,000 such enemies, each will receive an amulet "Shield of the military leader", which will allow you to perform actions without endurance immediately after the enemy decapitation.