A list of actors, characters and the first concept arts from Marvel’s Wolverine from Insomniac Games appeared on the Web

As reported a few days ago, Insomniac Games was an attacked hacker. More precisely, it was Ransomware – a type of attack in which confidential data is stolen, and the company must pay to get them back. There was no ransom, so hackers began to upload data into open access.

Before reading further, note that this article will contain possible large spoilers for the upcoming game.

Marvel’s Wolverine – Arts of characters and voice actors in English (remember about possible spoilers – in this case we are talking about the characters who will be in the game);

It is also worth noting that one of the documents is the Sony agreement with Marvel under the game of Wolverine. In total, the agreement covers three games on "X -Men", And this means that later we should get two more projects.

Jin Gray in the game Ugodina. The spider business is lively!

How without it?

I don’t understand why they shove this bug -eyed everywhere? She will donate them to push herself or she has compromises on everyone ? I just do not taste. As soon as I see it immediately pulls h_h

So hell knows who it is. But they put it in almost all games of the last 10 years (although she has a huge O_O list). Already infuriates. It is simply useless to list. But let’s say those that can be heard- vulfinstei, star wars, this is the recent crap that was hacked through the demo (with light fuels- I even have to google the name -_-), Diacut 4, suicide Squad, Mstuna Marvel, the god of war ( Ragnarok) and much more –__- . Chi is not actress damn. And it’s not about racism.

Actors are beautiful at least, but we know how they transfer them to the game Insomniac 🗿

Oooh, black Kallisto, Gene Gray Hindu.Well, that’s it, it rushed.

Liam Wolverine. Lyaya is Tsimes. The cast and the composition of the characters are chic.

What difference does which of the actors voiced the character in the game ? I personally do not care. The main thing is that the voice would fit .

Omega Red Ufy

The actor of the voice acting of Logan is not Stephen Blum – news fake

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