The Forza Motorsport network mode is not very popular

One of the industry sites drew attention to the amazing statistics regarding the last creation of Turn 10 Studios – Forza Motorsport. As it turned out, the multi -user regime was not too popular both among PC players and Xbox console users.

Trueachievements editors drew attention to the fact that almost 90% of Forza Motorsport players on Xbox Series X | S did not try their hand at a multi -user game. According to the service, only 10.94% of Microsoft console users received an achievement "In the first league". This achievement is issued for passing the first competition in network mode.

Steam situation is somewhat better – there is an achievement "In the first league" received 27.8% of Forza Motorsport players. However, it should be noted that in Steam this statistics does not look impressive. Perhaps a significant part of users want to familiarize themselves in detail with various tracks and gain practice before starting their adventure in network mode.

In conclusion, I would like to recall that Forza Motorsport is available exclusively on PC and consoles Xbox Series X | S. The last part of the popular racing series is also available in the Xbox Game Pass library.

Guys. Who understands the races and loves to play in them.
You can an opinion. Why the game failed?

2.Boring short tracks

3.There is no famous long and dangerous Nuremberg highway

4.Engine sound so -so

5.Tire sliding sound generally azta

6.There is no way to completely disconnect help in management

7.There is no way to include headlights and wipers yourself

8.The graphics are not at all the level of 2023

About this, people who do not understand anything in racing games, the best part of the motorports in terms of physics, the graphics are much better than they fill "Experts" .

1. Depending on what to compare with, although really, it could have been more at the start.

2. The tracks are excellent, the length depends on the configuration. And give an example of at least 3 not "Boring short" tracks.

3. This is what kind of track is? If we are talking about nürburgring, namely about the northern loop, then yes – it is not yet, but most likely they will be added soon, because there is nürburgring itself.

4. The sounds of the engines are excellent (in comparison with other races/simcades).

5. The sounds of the sliding of the tires are excellent, again in comparison according to paragraph 4.

6. There is such an opportunity.

7. There is no such possibility, as unnecessary, and not many games where it is realized.

8. Graphics is a mentioning question, if you want a level of 2023 levels, then a PC needs an appropriate year, and not firewood from 2011. But the optimization is really shitty, given that the code has already been dismantled (on Raddou), I think this will be fixed.

Based on the foregoing, I conclude that all your points are a sketch. You did not play the game, and perhaps you heard something from someone, and not the fact that you were talking about this game. And in general, a fan of motorsport from you is such (at the level: GTR TOP MASHYNA, I feel sorry for the priors) but you need to jump on a hat of the hat.

I will add in the question above. It failed, most likely due to raw launch: shitty optimization, bugs in synchronization and preservation (I passed the championship 3 times, but never passed, t.To. The game was hanging, but the result of the races was not preserved. With online ohm, I also did not drive the last race in Kvala)

"shitty optimization, bugs in synchronization and preservation "

That’s what is still in the piggy bank of the dick.And after this, you still cover these Maykosovites say good carcass, they rolled out.This game came out stupidly in order to get out and no more.There was only one motivation – give me a lot of dough.Not a feature in this game for the sake of people.

I do not cover anyone, but only tell the language of the facts, without inventing and attracting a complete nonsense to please the hype-heite so that they put a plusik.

Yesterday, too, after 45 hours of a single game, I first participated online. I liked the fact that the level of players is quite mediocre, so I did not feel worse than others. I took part in 50 races (exactly as much as a trophy for platinum) in the Grand Prix of 7, and I didn’t like it there, because I quickly went to the level of players who were already driving quickly and purely without special errors, and as a result I found myself among the last. It is not very interesting to go to TOP 5 from the end. The Forsa has more chaos, players’ mistakes, dirt – that’s why I will not feel terrible if I crawl into someone myself. In the race they gave me 4 seconds for accidentally knocking out the enemy, quite fairly and correctly, the system of fines works. Small contacts during the struggle are not punished with fines, as is the case in GT7.

He went through a career on Max’s difficulties, went online, Lord what a dull shit. Could you do how you go in FH5 for a minute and the race, what for these useless workings for 20 minutes, uzs. Passed the qualifications for 3 circles, wait another 10 minutes, what kind of nonsense, in the ass is shit

Because you are a fake racer. Passed for show and forgot

The game is generally a bomb, to be honest. He played more than 50 hours in 10 days from the release (5 hours on average). Yes, there are problems with optimization, you need to modify it, but not always super graphics, you also need to finish, you need more tracks, you need more diverse racing events (there are not enough long races with a circle of circles of 10-15-20, maybe hour-long races, can You can also variations with qualifications), but AI is not perfect and also needs to be modified (but AI has a pace, it is cool to drive 2-3-4 circles in pursuit of 1 bot, which holds a good pace, and such a buzz, if you manage to overtake, playing out Doliseconds at every turn). The game gives a lot of buzz, and all because even 5 out of 8 complexity top 3 bots are very, very fast, they go without large failures, sometimes 3 circles are leaving to play 4 seconds of lag, as if you play online. Because usually in the races of the bot or too fast or amenable, it is not possible to keep a good balance. And in FM this turned out, I do not remember a single race where I could fight for the position of 2-3 circles with the bot, it was simply impossible to even imagine that this is generally possible. I thought that the GT7 formula, when artificially the handicap at the start of 20 seconds and you play out for 7 seconds are good, but in the FM you made an excellent formula: you start to say even 8, quickly break through to the top 5, and during which time the first places will drive away 6-8 seconds from you for seconds, and you literally rush in pursuit, catching Slipstram, you try to enter perfectly at every turn, because the bots are not amenable, if you lose at least 0.1 seconds, then you will lag behind the end of the race for 10 seconds instead of struggle for 1 place. I literally gnawed at the bots a share of a second on the corners, and somewhere I lost, and this is very similar to the fight against a real person. Yes, the bots are blunt when they are in the pack, they can interfere with each other, causing sharp braking (because of which at the heap at the start you can fly into the ass in front of the walking), but this crowd is absorbed in seconds of 20-30 seconds, and when the bots go already with the interval, then they adhere to an excellent trajectory. If you choose the difficulty even higher, then do not catch up at all. In general, the complexity of the bots is at the level. I hope I can win at 6 out of 8.

There are many races where the complexity is tuned in percent from 0 to 100 (F1 starting from 2017, Project Cars, Raceroom, MotoGP, Assetto Corsa, Rfactor, etc.D.), there, with the exact selection of complexity, it turns out what you described, this is the basic pleasure of racing with bots in car symbols. But people in the bulk simply do not know about this, so their racing horizons boils down to NFS, Forsa Choraison or complete contempt for the genre.

On Xbox All Good

Forza Motosport is generally not popular)

I have a budget gaming computer and with optimization under 1920×1080 everything is fine. The game is stable, but yes, you need SSD at a speed of 3500MB \ s for reading. With slower, textures will be loaded, it is. But again, such SSD is not a top of some kind, I have an adat SSD, not super Samsung or intel Aptein, a Radon card, percent of 12400F, not a budget, not a top. Therefore, I can’t agree that the game goes only on the top gland. I saw streams, there is something with flowers, but apparently it is because of the curves of the firewood in Nvidia. and yes, who has soap, you will remove the dynamic scale with the settings. No need to put an ultra there or something else, put specifically 100% or if you want more, but not less and there will be no soap. otherwise they put the scaling high and complain about soap. Stop.

I also have 12400F, video card 3060TI, SSD, 32 DDR4. The game in general in 2k without DLSS works, but there are locations where there are drawdowns. Moreover, it may well be even in the rain with a dense stream of 70-75FPS, but there is fog and subsidence 50FPS. At the start in the first seconds, there are often 55FPS subsidence, and then rises to 65 after a few seconds. During all the videos between the races of the FPS, it jumps from 35 to 50, there are never 60FPS stable (it would be better if they made LOK on 30FPS, as in GT7 in quality mode).

About the soap image, it is partly. I decided this is not a modality and (DSR | Dynamic supercontrol technology), but this causes the worst performance, all the same. I noticed that in Mapl Velli I often have an image of some kind of soapy compared to other tracks. In general, there is something to work on. But the fact that the game goes without DLSS is a big achievement.

I understand, yes, I myself do not like it when the bitrate is walking. I have done, the truth I don’t know if this will work for you, since I have Radeon, I indicated in the driver that vertical synchronization has always been turned on, I still activated the anti -rag, and in the game I pointed out that the vertical synchronization was turned off, and the personnel restrictions were removed all the same And in the end, I have 60 frames and does not jump anywhere. But I have 60 on the TV, this is a ceiling.

Yes, because the dull GGG.I want to cry graphics ..So it also slows down. not at 4090 maybe normal xs.. It seems beautiful here ..And in the game, well, so so..and if you turn on the fulchd, then generally n.h.C.

And this is despite the fact that the files have corrected. default parameters cut

I have no soap, I put all the settings of the graphics on the car and the trace too
https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?V = JY-7QIWQVJI

It is better to ride in real car in real car

And how do you drive on Porsche along the racing track at high speeds along with 23 of the same rivals, while breaking the car at least every half an hour and then getting into a new?

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