Demo version of Sword Art Online: Last Recollection has become available for PSN, Xbox and PC

Bandai Namco has announced the release of a free demo version of the upcoming action Jrpg Sword Art Online: Last Recollection on PlayStation, Xbox and PC via Steam. Future players will be able to get acquainted with this game before its full launch next week.

The plot of Sword Art Online: Last Recollection is based on War of Underworld. Several original moments have been added to the plot, but players have to reveal the truth about the dark knight and destroy many new enemies in the dark territory. Sword Art Online: Last Recollection occurs in an alternative universe, which is considered what could have happened if Eugo had not received Game Over in "The war of the underground world".

Sword Art Online: Last Recollection will allow players to go through the campaign in solitary mode, but there is also a multiplayer game designed for 4 players. The game implements a new battle system in which special attention is paid to quick actions and strategic abilities.

Sword Art Online: Last Recollection will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC via Steam October 6, 2023.

Switched to wretched anryl and gameplay as in the previous part. And from the posters in general, OR seemed to shoot a schoolboy.

"This product is not available in your region"

Yes, I continue and will continue to focus on this attention. The hypocrisy of the Opamramko Mastdai, who suddenly decided to ban the sales of the SAO games series in the Republic of Belarus and the English Federation suddenly and for no reason, every year after the beginning of the well -known sad events (while not limiting the sale of all other titles on Naruto, Ganda, Van Pis, etc.D.), should be given to general ridicule and reproach.

I pay tribute only because the bench still released a demo version for PC. Given the Cathostrophically failure of AL at one time, it is not wise – activity in the discussions of Steam has a minimum (and this is almost a week before the release!), there is no hype (about 250 people played in the demo), so apparently most potential players -buyers were still taught by the state of AL on the release and are very careful about both the game itself and its purchase – this is very pleasing – so it is bamko by all by forces, he wants to force the players to believe that the game, at least, will work more or less normally.

Despite the sticks in the wheels, I could still personally get acquainted with the demo yesterday, although I played only an hour yet (I could not stand it stupidly). The points:

– In its essence, this is still the same Alicization Lycoris (I would even say Al 2.5), only with slightly changed mechanics (more on this later), on another engine (more on that). And for Full Price, as a fully new game, yeah. And also cut for add -ons for premium by $ 80-100/euro – mmm, classic!

– Optimization of the game is surprisingly good – stable 60 frames per second at the maximum settings in FullHD. Until you switch the overall quality with "High" on "Very high" (at the same time, nothing changes at all) and the FPS sharply sags 2 times to 29 with subsidence up to 24 and sometimes even up to 1-2. All the same, this is the more merit of Unreal Engine (Fatal Bullet will not allow you to lie) and the wild Dawngrady of the number of landfills for models (now "Quadity" – Especially among environmental objects – it is visible simply with the naked eye and from afar), and not developers from Aquaria. Bugs, by the way (except for the terrible English localization with which I switched to English simply instantly instantly), is also not yet met. But, again, all this is not an indicator of how all this is on the release – many times the demos were licked to the ideal, and the game itself was either in a deplorable or frankly not working condition.

– Gameplay – proved (in a bad sense) Al. All the tactfulness of the last game is killed and a lot is automated. Well, at least removed the dumping status of ACC. Enemies are still fattening (only at the first level already 100k HP), bosses 100% will be the same poke lips for damage as in AL. But now the player is rewarded for each action – he raised the stone from the side of the road – get 5 points of skills! This is apparently smoothing the corners and apologize for the last game, yeah. You can’t parry more, just a non -working block. Management, by the way, is strange – the camera during mouse control is not responsive, and the character moves like an iron and runs too fast. Well, a store with microtransactions is not noticed in the menu, although again it may be added later.

– Graphics and animations – my respect for the 2000s. Since the time Al, nothing has simply changed, and in some aspects it even got worse. It’s just ridiculous for the game of 2023 when the Genshin Impact and the coming Granblue Fantasy: Re Link existed, there is nothing more to say.

– Music is the same shitty, not memorable and not epic. Maybe there will be at least one worthy track later, as it was with Al, but I doubt something.

– Finally, the plot is as always, straightforward parasitization on the original. If earlier there were attempts to evolution (his hero in FB, new SA: o HR), then there is just War of Underworld with a new original pile (and the second less than smaller pier), which is completely not a version of Alice, only from Dark Territory ( If anything, a girl from "Wizard from the country Oz" In English, the name is just Dorothy). Already anticipating how the haters of Medina from Al will howl already about Dorothy.

As a result, we see the second "Beautiful" representative of the SAO games on the 10th anniversary of the series. The first representative – Mobile Variant Showdown – by the way, on September 28 goes to annual Refinement. Well done Japanese, what else to say.