For Pharaoh: a New Era, the next update came out and the players are satisfied with the efforts of the developers

Although Pharaoh: a new era – a remake of the cult game Pharaoh, complemented by the game Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile, released in February, may not have been cursed by ten Egyptian executions, but on the release day there were quite a few mistakes and disadvantages. Of the latter, the absence of a mini-card and the possibility of turning the camera-functions that were very necessary in urban planners, which were in the original.

As a result of these and other problems, the percentage of positive reviews of players on Steam fell from 75% to 65% in the first week after the game is released. Therefore, the Triskell Interactive studio rolled up the sleeves and began to return to the game in a decent look. Although, the normal support of the English language was never brought. But, for example, the aforementioned mini-card and support for ultrapanoramic permits appeared in the game.

In addition, the developer eliminated a number of errors and significantly improved Pharaoh’s balance: a new era. The best proof of the adherence of the developers is the fact that since the launch they have already issued eight updates – both small so -called hotfixes, so "large" patches. The last of them has become available today. The list of changes made by this patch has several dozen points – get acquainted with him on this page.

The community seems to be satisfied. In the discussion under this post, you can find such comments as:

More patches? Great! I will check them as soon as I return from work. Thanks for the decent update. Let’s continue in the same spirit.

It is worth noting that the developers not only answer questions from fans, but also seem to listen to them. This approach clearly bears its fruits – 78% of 74 reviews written by players on Steam over the past thirty days are positive. This affected the overall result – favorable reviews make up 67% of more than 2,700 placed – but it seems that Triskell Interactive is on the way to make Pharaoh: a New Era with a worthy remake.