Cyberpunk 2077 reached 150 thousand. online players in Steam for the first time in two years

Cyberpunk 2077 is experiencing another Renaissance in Steam in its three -year history. And all this thanks to update 2.0, released on the 21st, which updated and improved most of the key elements of the game.

According to Steamdb statistics, at the peak of the last 24 hours, more than 151,000 Steam users played at the same time. This is the best indicator in almost two years – from January 5, 2021, when the peak of simultaneous online reached 153 thousand. players.

Probably, the number of online players will be even more with the release of the first and only expansion of Phantom Liberty, the exit of which will take place on Tuesday – September 26 – for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Glad for the game. If the developers were not hypocritical bastards, then it would be excellent in general.

Not inconsistent but their roof and marketers.

So the hell/company.

They seem to be publishers for themselves. At first they bought all sorts of Ivleevs – and then – OPA – your language will be English – this is the first message that you will see turning on the patch 2.0 =)

She said two lines in the game in intra -game advertising, and you scratch as if she had voiced the half of the game. Balabol.

I have nothing against her, but her face was an advertisement for KP on YouTube. Madam Ivleeva was simply as an example of attracting various media personalities for the audience, or you have not seen Bad posters? Or my message is not true in something?

And finally learn to communicate normally, so that no one calls you a balabol for no reason =)

And someone said that Cyberpank would forget

He was forgotten. But knocked below. Asked for forgiveness and brought a delicious dish

Given that in the STAM of the Sabzha holders about 15-20kc, such numbers of online seem not so large, this is less than 1%. Although, most likely, it will still grow significantly after the release of the addition. When really interested players, an incentive to immerse yourself in a new adventure, and not recall the old in search of the difference.

So they themselves said that the last dls fantom. Another MB pair of patches will come out and that’s it. And the main forces will go to other projects. There they have a witcher 4, it seems like in the plans.

Hmm and where the multiplayer they promised ?

But they forgot about gov, Khoraisen, Svi about Ryzhik and other releases after the CP, and the game of reds even on this site collects a good asset under each post.

Ahahah. Three -year -old cyberpunk 2077 online more than a three -week Starfield. Ring is not a magician. This is despite the fact that theoretically content in Starfield is 100 times more, as much as a whole thousand planets. But what players do not want to play it. And in Cyberpanka there are only one city and players with pleasure playing it 3 years after the release. Well, really laugh, not a magician just. Ahahaha

This despite the fact that DLC hasn’t happened for cyberpunk yet. Online rises after ordinary patches. After the DLC release, 100% will increase even more.

You would have learned to write in English, it would be cool!

It is really strange why the online casual piu piu shooter for schoolchildren is higher than an online niche game focused on a more adult audience? Don’t even know.

The case when they did not give up after the fall and rose again

A good update turned out. And again, the game became what it should have been originally, only after a few years.

It is clear that the people reached out, and this was not released yet! )))

As they pulled up and dumped – I finally deleted it patch 2.0. just killed Luther gameplay. And in general, for so many years they have not been introduced from the 3rd person, and advertising was before the release..

I do not argue, from a third person it would be much better. I was purely the plot in the game hooked, and is ready to re -hardet again, only after the release of the DLS .

In general, this game does not need a view of 3 faces.

On the contrary, I am glad that I removed this system. Constantly strained when some kind of pistol was more powerful than a large -caliber sniper rifle. The same thing with clothes.

The third -person view strongly interfere with the immersion, turning it some kind of GTA with stupid post -shooters. You need it?

After the game of the SF, raising in the KP2077 I feel discomfort, there are very lack of boot screens, these homeless people in the city are infuriated, they are constantly aggravated at me when they try to lift the trunk on them, the Poles did so from the chamber in the dialogs, the Poles did so – like kinimotographic, Uynya all this. In the field-head-head-head, everything is clear and indefinitely.

And in general, the KP2077 doesn’t look natural, these licked NPSs, a city, cars, by the way about cars, they need them, in the field I play without them and everything is ok, there would be so many interesting content I would have missed while I would go while driving from the point of landing to a point of interest. In general, I will be back in the field. Early, early the Poles were launched 2.0.

Help, I don’t have 2 in Steam 2.0 for downloading what to do

I feel, the planet began to shift from the axis, from the reactive traction of the farts of the fanboys of the atomics)))

The funny thing is that KP kept stably 10k all three years after the release+. For the single, this is a great result. And the atomic after six months 850 players barely wider. But mani will yell that the KP is not needed.

The game in the open world for hundreds of millions on the well -known setting from developers of the Witcher, with stars like Keanu Reeves, whose advertisements poured and continues to pour out of every iron.

And the corridor jumper for 20-30 hours for 30-50 million, which you passed and do more there is no longer to do, according to the new setting from unknown developers, which began to poison and pour mud on long before the release.

A very relevant comparison, yes. You are an stupid troll, or the truth is so?

The difference is evident, but finished on your face.

Well, I compared, of course, the noun corridor with the open world in high -hide setting, pf

which you passed and do more there is no one to do there, according to the new setting from unknown developers, which you began to poison and pour mud on long before the release

Yeah, this is not a passing game, but just all people are fools. Classic.

I somehow don’t understand what is the fun of online statistics. Well, I have bought a cyberpunk still pre -order. T.e, if I now launch Cyberpank and bring more +1 online, but I am an old player. And how many of these 150k new players? This is much more important. Each new game bought brings +1 to the sale of games and + money. And this whole online. today he is, but no tomorrow. This is not an online game, but single.

Online statistics indicate the interest of players, if a lot of people plays in it, she rises in the top, and this is, in turn, advertising for potential new players.

Dubious advertising. We never know how many of these 150k new. Maybe there 80% of old players decided to go again or at least look at new changes. If you think about it, then the best games are in Steam – this is Ks Go and Dota 2. And what, sales leaders of the KS GO 1- place, Dota 2 2nd place. Online too, ks GO at 1, and Dota 2 to 2. Or maybe these are the best games in the world?

The most is not the most, but these are definitely legends tested by time.

No, the largest audience is just playing them – kids.

Everything is certainly cool, but the departures are simply running out, the game just freezes and paints out of the blue, now wait for fixes to a new patch.

I only had once yet)

The main thing in patches was missed:

"On the air of the Ryk FM (frequency 89.7) there are compositions created by fans of the game. The role of DJ Ash was voiced by Sasha Gray."

I think they are in vain, if it’s true "output of the first and only expansion" could still make people, there is something to come up with in the game.

of course have. And they are already making a sequel, apparently. do not want to suffer with this engine.

They could and the witcher to milk additions. The same officer to cut, but did not. Something is yes he says about the developers.

The fact that they scattered after the Witcher of the Third and KP2077 and there was no longer the necessary team to maintain games, and even more so the milking of the players. But everything is ahead. There will be license plates like a jub with their tower simulator.

Yes, yes, yes, everyone scattered, there is no one to work now. Each time you repeat, and games/dopes miraculously come out.

What they play there, there is no add -on.

They play the skewer

"Jump your head. You are killed, I’m alive"

A lot of things have changed in the new update.The game has become better

How is it what? Playing a cool ingenious game. Cyberpank is a rare case when even the tenth time re -pass the same quest is very interesting. Personally, I have never removed the game from the computer from the release. Cyberpank is one of the few games in which I even play with pleasure 3 years after the release. And many people do this, given the numbers of online in Steam. Cyberpank 2077 players very much. It’s just great.

If it is possible to buy a reference normally, I will recall the game from the very beginning. It’s a shame that in 2.0 never pretended from the 3rd person at the choice (as it was left only in transport). In the same Starfield, swear do not scold it, there is such a choice))

You can buy Ru on Paid Ru without problems

Sent a gift on his account. Took about 5 minutes. There is nothing complicated here.

View from the 3rd cyberpunk is not needed. The whole game would only spoil this. In the same Starfield, the 3rd face was made disgusting – it would be better if it was not even as a choice. Well, for the very fact of the presence of the 3rd person to praise the Starfield certainly impossible. In the courtyard 2023, and the implementation of the 3rd person there remains at the level of Oblivion there. It’s funny to praise this.

We must pay tribute to the developers, the game, with all its updates, as it was a all -off, not finished by a piece of feces, and it remains to this day to this day. For example from personal experience. Here in the topics they write – "About Bozhee, they fixed the police, now there are chases, shooters, cops patrol the streets, oh Gaaad". But introducing "interesting" gameplay with the police, they forgot the most important thing – this is the AI ​​of this very police. For example, I am running around Knight City, there is a police, I run past them, everything begins, because there is a speed limit for running, you can’t run past them. Here’s another, clean the point from Malstrem, and then the police do not doze off, if the vigilant cop, passing by you, hears how you are fighting with the bandits, then everything, all the City cops are running away to you. Naturally, someone can write, but you first attacked the Malstremovites while they tormented and killed the hostage peacefully, so the cops intervened, well, yes, yes, yes. As a result, as I say, updating the game, they add new jambs, bugs, but this is all returning interest in the game, with the peak of online, they can do it endlessly, so the game will always be by hearing, and if the greatest ilon Mask , somewhere on Twitter it shows that the game has received a new life, that’s all, promotions to heaven.

It sounds like nonsense, yesterday I only ran past the cap for three times wiping on him, I waved a couple of phrases, like you to make it when you attacked some bandyug, I helped me a passing cop, I also fired at them, the cops have never attacked me yet , maybe the bug has caught or the old conservation?

No, I started a new game, the cops are almost always perceived as a threat, apparently everyone has it individually

The game passed 1 time only on a curling iron 5 when it was still. On the release. Basically, the plot, maybe a couple of side effects. Yesterday I began to go through the quest for the swings, where the tank should be whispering. Well, such a dump, to be honest. Well, in general, their graters are not interesting like that. It was boring even dialogues to listen to them. I got to the train and. By the way, the witcher 3 is several goals higher (I think, far from one I am of this opinion). Now I am happy to drive in the new Pinocchio.

Witcher 3 for several heads weaker (I don’t think, but I’m sure that I am not only one of this opinion). Witcher 3 is very cool dialogs of characters, but a very weak main plot and a monotonous gameplay in additional.quests.

Cyberpank 2077 This is a chic powerful main plot with very steep characters, and we have the same quality from the same quality side. There is no monotony in gameplay generally.

No matter how good the witcher 3 is, cyberpunk is much better.

But I didn’t like him. I think "New Pinocchio" Like a game of garbage. Better to play something else.